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UC San Diego Offers Admission to More Diverse California Residents

July 22, 2019

A growing number of California residents continue to gain access to the University of California San Diego. This year, the campus admitted 32,016 first-year and 10,829 transfer students for fall 2019 out of 118,372 applications received.

How Marijuana Accelerates Growth of HPV-related Head and Neck Cancer Identified

January 13, 2020

University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers identified how THC from marijuana accelerates cancer growth in patients with human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive head and neck cancer.

Scientists Developing New Solutions for Honeybee Colony Collapse

January 8, 2021

Under a new effort to halt a worldwide decline in honeybees, scientists at UC San Diego and other UC campuses have established a network of bee researchers and engineers. The network, one of the largest in the country, will develop new solutions by joining various avenues of expertise.

How a Single Gene Alteration May Have Separated Modern Humans from Predecessors

February 11, 2021

UC San Diego researchers discovered a single gene alteration that may help explain cognitive differences between modern humans and our predecessor, and used that information to develop Neanderthal-like brain organoids in the lab.

Sewage-Handling Robots Help Predict COVID-19 Outbreaks in San Diego

March 3, 2021

UC San Diego School of Medicine researchers develop an automated process to test city sewage for SARS-CoV-2, allowing them to forecast the region’s COVID-19 caseload one to two weeks ahead of clinical diagnostic reports.

Novel Coronavirus Circulated Undetected Months before First COVID-19 Cases in Wuhan, China

March 18, 2021

Using molecular dating tools and epidemiological simulations, researchers at UC San Diego School of Medicine estimate that the SARS-CoV-2 virus likely circulated undetected for two months before the first human cases of COVID-19 were described in Wuhan, China in late-December 2019.

Most of UC San Diego’s COVID-19 Cases Detected Early by Wastewater Screening

August 11, 2021

Part of UC San Diego’s Return to Learn program, wastewater screening helped prevent outbreaks by detecting 85 percent of cases early, allowing for timely testing, contact tracing and isolation.

The History of Insects Living on the Open Ocean Tracks with the History of the Currents They Ride

September 8, 2021

UC San Diego researchers and colleagues examined the genetics of three ocean skater species across the eastern Pacific Ocean. The results of the study reveal that the skaters became specialized on different current systems, as those currents changed into their modern configurations.

Hidden Mangrove Forest in the Yucatan Peninsula Reveals Ancient Sea Levels

October 4, 2021

A new study led by researchers across the University of California system in the United States and researchers in Mexico focuses on an ancient mangrove forest that is thriving in the Yucatan Peninsula—more than 124 miles from the coast.

Genetic Strategy Reverses Insecticide Resistance

January 14, 2022

Using CRISPR/Cas9 technology, scientists have genetically engineered a method to reverse insecticide resistance. The gene replacement method offers a new way to fight deadly malaria spread and reduce the use of pesticides that protect valuable food crops.

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