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Depriving Deadly Brain Tumors of Cholesterol May Be Their Achilles’ Heel

October 13, 2016

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and The Scripps Research Institute, with colleagues in Los Angeles and Japan, report that depriving deadly brain cancer cells of cholesterol, which they import from neighboring healthy cells, specifically kills tumor cells and caused tumor…

UC San Diego’s Indigenous Futures Institute Receives $400K Grant from Lumina Foundation

April 15, 2022

UC San Diego’s Indigenous Futures Institute received a $400,000 grant from Lumina Foundation to support work in educational, scientific and environmental co-design with Indigenous peoples.

Happiness, New Technologies Focus of Meeting of Pioneering Thinkers

October 11, 2012

…society and the environment.” Genomist, J. Craig Venter (right) This mission was mirrored in the remarks of speaker after speaker at the event, many of whom are known for their world-class research, contributions to the entertainment world, or philanthropic efforts. In addition to Rubin, speakers and panelists at the event…

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