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UC San Diego Announces Recipients of Chancellor’s and Revelle Medals

October 10, 2019

…support in areas including arts, culture and cancer research. The Strauss Family has supported many initiatives across the UC San Diego campus for nearly three decades. The couple are Campaign Cabinet members, serve on the Health Sciences Board of Advisors and co-chair the development committee. UC San Diego Health, including…

Five UC San Diego Professors Named 2016 AAAS Fellows

November 21, 2016

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has awarded the distinction of fellow to 391 members, including five from the University of California San Diego. The new UC San Diego fellows, who will be recognized on Feb. 18 during the 2017 AAAS Annual Meeting in Boston, are Richard…

The Doctrine of Doctors

February 15, 2018

…Doctrine of Doctors The art and science of medicine evolves, but the School of Medicine’s goal is constant: Create physicians who are as compassionate as they are brilliant In a few months, a new class of students will begin studies at UC San Diego School of Medicine, future doctors in…

Three Words Can Save Lives: Run, Hide, Fight

October 17, 2023

While it is painful to imagine, it is important to be prepared for our worst days. Consider five potentially lifesaving steps faculty, staff and students can put into practice ahead of an emergency.

Wired to Think

September 16, 2019

UC San Diego neurophysics research supplies a blueprint for a future generation of electrode sensors that utilizes existing yet nontraditional materials and fabrication procedures to record electrical signals from every neuron in the cortex of the brain—at the same time.

Modest Alcohol Use Lowers Risk and Severity of Some Liver Disease

April 19, 2012

People with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NALFD) who consume alcohol in modest amounts – no more than one or two servings per day – are half as likely to develop hepatitis as non-drinkers with the same condition, reports a national team of scientists led by researchers at the University of…

Using Plague Diaries to Keep a Record of COVID-19

February 18, 2021

…a Record of COVID-19 Humanities courses in history, philosophy and literature bring discussion of today’s pandemic into the classroom, offering students a unique way of learning The first entry in Paige Nguyen’s pandemic diary shows a quiet campus. Photo courtesy of Paige Nguyen. The first photo in Paige Nguyen’s pandemic…

SDSC Announces ‘Center of Excellence’ for Predictive Analytics

April 17, 2012

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego is launching a new “center of excellence” aimed at leveraging SDSC’s data-intensive expertise and resources to help create the next generation of data researchers by leading a collaborative, nationwide education and training effort among academia, industry, and…

A Man of Letters, Carefully Sequenced

October 30, 2014

…that spell out the human genetic code. “Sanger invented most of what underlies modern genetics and genomic science,” said Friedmann. “Fred was to genetics what Michelangelo and Picasso were to art, what Einstein is to physics and Darwin to evolutionary science. He was a giant among giants to whom most…

UC San Diego Founders’ Celebration Ushers in a New Era of Tradition, Innovation and Fun

November 1, 2011

…of the Division of Arts and Humanities who will be speaking on “An Economy in Crisis – A Crisis of Civilization: Anthropological Perspectives on Money, Debt and Time.” The second lecture occurs on Thursday, Nov. 10 and features Professor Nicholas C. Spitzer of the Division of Biological Sciences who will…

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