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A Deep Dive Into the Genetics of Alcohol Consumption

April 5, 2024

Some people have genes that protect them from alcohol abuse. An examination of databases at 23andMe reveal that those same alcohol-protective variants have associations with conditions and behaviors that may have nothing to do with alcohol.

Medical Innovator: Farah Sheikh

April 1, 2024

UC San Diego researcher, Farah Sheikh, studies a genetic heart arrhythmia condition that usually strikes people under 40. Her research will be used in clinical trials of a treatment for ARV.

Communities of the Heart

March 13, 2024

The cells of the human heart form communities and those communities have a surprisingly sophisticated form of biochemical communication necessary for healthy heart development.

Muscle as a Heart-Health Predictor

February 21, 2024

Study shows greater muscle area in men leads increased risk of heart disease; it’s different for muscle density.
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