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Tallest Full-scale Building Ever Built on an Earthquake Simulator Put to the Test at UC San Diego

The 10-story tower was tested on the UC San Diego NSF-funded outdoor shake table, one of the two largest shake tables in the world

Engineers gathered on May 9 to shake a 10-story mass timber building–the tallest full-scale building to be tested on an earthquake simulator.

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What happens when a 10-story tall building is put to the test on the only outdoor shake table in the world? That is what a group of engineers came together to find out on May 9 as part of the Tallwood project conducted on UC San Diego's National Science Foundation-funded earthquake simulator. 

The Tallwood building is the tallest full-scale building ever to be constructed and tested on an earthquake simulator. On Tuesday, the building underwent simulations of two of the most destructive earthquakes in recent history: the first test was the equivalent of the 6.7 magnitude 1994 Northridge earthquake, the second the equivalent of the 7.7 magnitude Chi Chi earthquake that took place in Taiwan in 1999. The series of tests is funded by the NSF. 

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Engineers Shake Tallest Full-scale Building Ever Constructed on UC San Diego Earthquake Simulator

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