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UC San Diego Awards Campus Champions of Integrity


  • Judy Piercey
  • Laurel Wilkinson

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  • Judy Piercey
  • Laurel Wilkinson

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2017 Integrity Award Recipients. Shown in Photo from left to right, starting at the back: Dr. Shuang Wang (Faculty Award), Dr. Gary Gillespie (CSE Department Award), Dr. Dean Tullsen (CSE Department Award), Deyna Roberson (Staff Award), Vladimir Jovanovic (Graduate Student Award), Brian Dinh (Undergraduate Student Award), Margaret Ramaeker (CSE Department Award), Dan Volkovich (Undergraduate Student Award), Dr. Leo Porter (CSE Department Award), Kaustuv Roy (Senate Chair), Veronica Rubio (Staff Award), Arthur de Jesus (Undergraduate Student Award), Dr. Lauren Brookman-Frazee (Faculty Award), Abigail Vaughn (Graduate Student Award), Sophia Pan (Graduate Student Award), and Dr. Peter F. Cowhey (Executive Vice Chancellor).

On April 19, one department and 11 members of the UC San Diego community were recognized at the 7th Annual Integrity Awards Ceremony for their contributions to academic, research and professional integrity on campus. The awards were hosted by the Academic Integrity Office and Research Ethics Program to honor our university’s commitment to uphold the six pillars of integrity—responsibility, honesty, fairness, respect, trustworthiness and courage.

“UC San Diego acts to sustain a culture of integrity in which our students, staff and faculty feel empowered and supported to do the right thing—even when it is challenging,” said Interim Executive Vice Chancellor Peter F. Cowhey. “We’d like to thank the recipients for their exceptional contributions to maintaining integrity, a principle essential to the excellence of our institution.”

One of UC San Diego’s key contributors to campus integrity is the Academic Integrity Office, which partners with faculty to establish integrity in the classroom, and teaches student ethical decision-making skills that can be applied to their schoolwork, future professions and beyond. In 2011, in partnership with the Academic Integrity Peer Educators, the office launched the first annual awards ceremony to recognize members of the UC San Diego community who uphold integrity in inspiring ways. The ceremony was expanded to include awards for research integrity in 2015, thanks to contributions from the Research Ethics Program, which educates students and faculty on the ethical dimension of research. This year, the ceremony was expanded to include awards for professional integrity to honor those community members who uphold integrity in areas other than academics and research.

Also presented at the Award Ceremony were the Excel with Integrity Contest finalists and winners. The annual Excel with Integrity Contest asks student to creatively express how people excel with integrity or why they should. The Winner of the Contest, Kimberly Diaz, won $250 in Triton Cash for her “UCSD Integrity Days” submission. The submissions of the 5 finalists can be seen at

Recipients for this year’s awards were chosen by a review committee comprised of faculty and staff based upon their demonstration of six criteria. These included conducting research on, promoting, mentoring others in, volunteering time in service of, institutionalizing and/or exhibiting courage in defense of integrity.

Recipients of this year’s UC San Diego Integrity Awards are:

  • Faculty Recipients
    Shuang Wang, Biomedical Informatics
    Lauren Brookman-Frazee, Psychiatry
  • Staff Recipients
    Deyna Roberson, Student Affairs
    Veronica Rubio, Family Medicine and Public Health
  • Graduate Student Recipients
    Vladimir Jovanovic, Neurosciences
    Abigail Vaughn, Political Science
    Sophia Pan, visiting Ph.D. Student
  • Undergraduate Student Recipients
    Arthur De Jesus, Sixth College, Engineering Brian Dinh, Revelle College, Biological Sciences Sierra Lee, Warren College, Social Sciences Dan Volkovich, Warren College, Engineering
  • Department Recipients
    Computer Science and Engineering

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