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Three UC San Diego Markets Introduce Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology

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Three on-campus markets—Roger’s Market, Sixth Market and Seventh Market—will feature Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, eliminating checkout lines and saving valuable time for students, faculty and staff. UC San Diego is the first location in San Diego to feature this technology, which can also be found elsewhere in California and across the U.S.

“Our campus already features time-saving technology like self-ordering kiosks and the Triton2Go mobile ordering app,” said Pierre Ouillet, UC San Diego vice chancellor and chief financial officer. “This latest technology eliminates wait times, adding speed and convenience and aligning with our mission to continuously improve the student experience.”

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology provides effortless shopping. Students, faculty and staff enter the store using the Triton2Go app at the entry gate. The technology tracks the items a shopper takes from or returns to shelves and creates a virtual shopping session. When guests complete their shopping experience, they can leave the store without waiting in line. Their choice of payment method—Dining Dollars, Triton Cash or a credit card—is charged for the items taken.

Market staffers are no longer required at checkout counters, freeing them to assist customers, restock shelves or perform other customer service-related duties. In addition, the team receives real-time information about the most popular items.

“This is a huge improvement for our students,” said Rosario Salas, assistant general manager of Sixth Market. “At peak times, we serve hundreds of students in the market. This technology gives them the freedom to get in and out quickly, and we will have more time to help shoppers find items or place special orders for items not in stock. With the new market setup, we can also provide a larger selection of products.”

Several groups were consulted over a two-year process, leading up to this fall’s debut, including the HDH Undergraduate Advisory Council, Associated Students Council, student focus groups, the university’s Privacy Office and the Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. During these sessions, the need for extended operating hours across campus was expressed, which, along with wait times, this technology helps address. Extended hours are anticipated to start in winter quarter.

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