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Resources and Support for our Community Amidst the Ongoing Conflict in Israel and Palestine

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UC San Diego and our campus community are deeply saddened and disturbed by the escalating violence in the Middle East. We recognize that events and news of this nature can affect everyone differently, and that many in our community are experiencing heightened stress, pain and anxiety as the details continue to unfold. Today, we reemphasize that we are here to support you. Our campus is a place of inclusion, belonging and mutual support, and UC San Diego offers a variety of supportive resources that we encourage you to utilize, particularly in times of increased need.

To support our campus community, UC San Diego is offering counseling, opportunities for open and candid dialogue and mental health support to our students, faculty and staff as they navigate the news of these events.   

Support Resources

Students seeking immediate mental health and coping support are encouraged to reach out to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). CAPS provides free, confidential counseling and crisis services and community forums for registered UC San Diego students, and can be reached at (858) 534-3755.

Campus employees, staff and postdocs can contact the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) at (858) 534-5523. UC San Diego Health employees can call (866) 808-6205 (use company code UCSDMC) or review information pertaining to the Employee Assistance Program on Health HR's website.

Community Support & Processing Space

We invite our Triton community to join together to process recent events and engage with others in a dedicated support space. 

Date: Monday, October 9, 2023
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Via Zoom:

Student Affairs Case Management Services

Case Managers and Deans of Student Affairs are available to provide support and referrals to on and off-campus resources.

Case Managers

Revelle and Eleanor Roosevelt Colleges
Jade Barrett -

Warren and Muir Colleges
Martina Galvan -

Sixth and Eighth Colleges
Annie Lin -

Seventh and Marshall Colleges
Kevin Baldueza -

Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs, School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy
Ana Bowens -

Deans of Student Affairs

For more information and resources, please visit the Student Affairs Case Management website.

Tritons Unite

As an institution, we actively work to cultivate a supportive and inclusive campus in which all community members feel a sense of safety and belonging. We do not tolerate hate, bias or violence, and we commit to work together to move toward a more equitable and just society. We encourage you to support one another and to utilize the many supportive resources available to you in times of need.

Pradeep K. Khosla

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