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Faculty Awards and Honors April 2012


William G. Bradley, Jr.

Professor and Chairman of the Department of Radiology

Award - ACR Gold Medal and Honorary Fellowship


Shu Chien

University Professor of Bioengineering and Medicine and Director of the UC San Diego Institute of Engineering in Medicine

Award - 2012 Honorary Doctor of Science from Columbia University


Jack Dixon

Professor of Pharmacology, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Award - Foreign Members of the Royal Society Fellow


Karl Y. Hostetler

Professor of Medicine

Award - Gertrude Elion Memorial Lecture Award by the International Society for Antiviral Research


Herbert Levine

Professor of Physics

Award - American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow


Victor Nizet

Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacy

Award - American Academy for Microbiology Fellow


Susan Ferro-Novick

Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Award - American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow


Joseph Wang

Distinguished Professor of Nanoengineering

Award - 2012 Breyer Medal

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