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An Update from Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla

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On May 1, 2024, campus community members and non-affiliates established an illegal encampment near Library Walk. As I stated in my previous message, unauthorized encampments are strictly prohibited, and we must enforce our campus policies and the law for the safety and well-being of all members of our campus community. We began communicating with participants within minutes of the camp’s establishment. Nevertheless, the encampment has tripled in size in violation of the group’s commitment not to expand the footprint. This encampment poses an unacceptable safety and security hazard on campus.

Throughout this unlawful encampment, campus police, security teams and free expression monitors have been on site to support the safety and security of all members of the campus community and to maintain the continuity of campus operations and our academic mission. Since the encampment was established, university administration has attempted to maintain regular communication with encampment liaisons identified by the group. We have been met with shifting liaisons and claims that the encampment has no organized leadership with whom to reach binding agreements. Nevertheless, we were assured that the encampment had committed not to increase the size of the area, and despite this agreement, that commitment was not honored.

The encampment poses serious safety and security hazards to those inside and outside the encampment area. In the last week, the encampment has limited free movement on campus, created a checkpoint for entry into the camp, and denied access to the fire marshal and health inspectors. As time passes, the threat and potential for violent clashes increases. The presence of a significant number of non-affiliates in the encampment heightens these concerns.

UC San Diego strongly supports the right to free expression and has supported the rights of those participating in multiple pro-Palestinian protests this academic year, including a demonstration with more than 2,000 participants on March 6, 2024. 

The violation of law and campus policy represented by this encampment, however, is not a peaceful protest. It has become dangerous. As University of California Board of Regents Chair Richard Leib recently stated in his letter to the university community, “Protests that interfere with university operations or threaten the safety of students require immediate enforcement of university policies.” 

I am calling on our students, faculty, staff and non-affiliates participating in the encampment to peacefully disperse.

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