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A New Update from Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla

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Early this morning, law enforcement authorities successfully removed an illegal encampment on the UC San Diego campus after five days of attempts to communicate with participants and multiple, clear requests to disperse. UC San Diego encourages and allows peaceful protests, but this encampment violated campus policy and the law and grew to pose an unacceptable risk to the safety of the campus community.

Sixty-four individuals were arrested after refusing the dispersal requests. Of those, 40 were identified as students and are facing interim suspension for violation of the student code of conduct. Twenty-four are either unidentified at this time or are unaffiliated with the university. Two minor injuries were reported.

Before any arrests were made this morning, encampment participants were repeatedly provided with opportunities and warnings to disperse. While many people voluntarily left the encampment, regrettably others chose to stay and be arrested. The campsite was dismantled within one hour and without any serious incidents. 

The decision to clear the campsite was made due to consideration of the significant dangers to people inside and outside of the encampment. Upon entering the campsite, wooden stakes, propane tanks, metal and plywood shields, aerosol spray cans and a sword were discovered, all of which posed unacceptable hazards for health, fire safety and security. Additionally, participants denied access to fire marshal and health inspectors, established check points and limited free access to areas of campus. These are all intolerable actions on the UC San Diego campus, which exists for the benefit of all university affiliates.

After the encampment was removed, protesters interfered with police operations, including physically obstructing San Diego County Sheriff officers and buses, blocking movement and banging on windows in an attempt to hinder the arrest process. This resulted in one additional arrest.

Dialogue, free speech and academic freedom are cornerstones of our university. At the same time, we must ensure that Tritons, regardless of opinions and identity, have equal access to our campus and that everyone has the opportunity to work and learn in an environment free from harassment, intimidation or discrimination. We will not waver in our focus to sustain the safety, well-being and success of our campus community as we fulfill our academic mission.

Resources and Support

During these difficult times, if you are experiencing feelings of distress or anxiety, UC San Diego has resources to support you. Students seeking immediate mental health and coping support can contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at (858) 534-3755, and faculty and staff can contact Faculty and Staff Assistance Program at (858) 534-5523.

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