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Computational Tools Fuel Reconstruction of New and Improved Bird Family Tree

April 1, 2024

Using computational methods and supercomputing infrastructure at UC San Diego, researchers have built the largest and most detailed bird family tree to date—an intricate chart delineating 93 million years of evolutionary relationships between 363 bird species, representing 92% of all bird families.

UC San Diego-led Study Finds Close Evolutionary Proximity Between ‘Tree of Life’ Microbial Domains

January 17, 2020

A comprehensive genomic analysis as part of a multi-national study led by UC San Diego researchers reveals close evolutionary proximity between the microbial domains at the base of the tree of life.

A Scalable Approach to Building and Updating Phylogenies

July 27, 2023

A team of researchers led by Metin Balaban and Siavash Mirarab at UC San Diego have developed a more scalable method to infer phylogenetic trees. Their work appears in Nature Biotechnology.

Study Provides Framework for 1 Billion Years of Green Plant Evolution

October 23, 2019

An international consortium of nearly 200 plant scientists, including engineers at UC San Diego, has released gene sequences for more than 1100 plant species, the culmination of a nine-year research project. The advance was made possible in large part thanks to new computational tools.

Eye-opening Origin Story: Scientists Trace Key Innovation in Our Camera-like Vision to Bacteria

April 12, 2023

Scientists have traced the origin of a unique protein key to vertebrate’s camera-like vision back 500 million years. Their analysis of more than 900 genomes across the tree of life revealed that the protein came through horizontal gene transfer from foreign bacterial genes.

Science Detective Investigates Lizards and Evolution at Scripps Lecture

March 5, 2012

Come to Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego to hear about a research adventure to the Caribbean islands and explore the mysteries of lizard evolution.

Avocado Genome is at the Center of New Study

September 7, 2023

Researchers turned to a descendant variety of Hass—the world’s most popular avocado—to explore the fruit’s evolutionary history through its genome.

SDSC Supercomputers, CIPRES Gateway Help Define New “Tree of Life”

April 25, 2016

…outline for a new tree of life, depicting the evolution of life on this planet that included more than 1,000 new types of bacteria and Archaea lurking in the Earth’s nooks and crannies, was made possible with the help of supercomputing resources and a phylogenetics “gateway” created at the San…

Herpes Infected Humans Before They Were Human

June 10, 2014

…Medicine have identified the evolutionary origins of human herpes simplex virus (HSV) -1 and -2, reporting that the former infected hominids before their evolutionary split from chimpanzees 6 million years ago while the latter jumped from ancient chimpanzees to ancestors of modern humans – Homo erectus – approximately 1.6 million…

New View of Species Interactions Offers Clues to Preserve Threatened Ecosystems

April 29, 2021

Scientists from around the world have produced a new analysis—believed to be the most detailed study of ecological data from global forests—that is furthering science’s understanding of species interactions and how diversity contributes to the preservation of ecosystem health.

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