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Computational Tools Fuel Reconstruction of New and Improved Bird Family Tree

April 1, 2024

Using computational methods and supercomputing infrastructure at UC San Diego, researchers have built the largest and most detailed bird family tree to date—an intricate chart delineating 93 million years of evolutionary relationships between 363 bird species, representing 92% of all bird families.

Scripps Lecture Explores Evolutionary Discoveries behind Darwin’s Finches

November 10, 2016

…discoveries related to Galapagos finches—birds made famous by Charles Darwin—at the 2016 Rosenblatt Lectureship in Evolutionary Biology at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego. The free lecture is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Nov. 21, 2016, at the Robert Paine Scripps Forum for Science, Society…

Researchers Translate a Bird’s Brain Activity Into Song

June 16, 2021

It is possible to re-create a bird’s song by reading only its brain activity, shows a first proof-of-concept study from the University of California San Diego. The study is an early step toward building vocal prostheses for humans who have lost the ability to speak.

Researchers Rethink How Our Feathered Friends Evolved

March 16, 2015

A recently published global genome study that used the data-intensive Gordon supercomputer at the San Diego Supercomputer at the University of California, San Diego, has researchers rethinking how avian lineages diverged after the extinction of the dinosaurs.

‘Island of Rats’ Recovers

March 8, 2021

A coordinated conservation effort that removed rats from Hawadax Island, formerly known as “Rat Island,” has become a new example of how ecosystems can fully recover to their natural state in little more than a decade. The results are described in a report led by a UC San Diego scientist.

Plant Consumers Play Unexpectedly Large Role in the Evolution of Seedling Success

May 17, 2021

Scientists have found that herbivores have a lot to say about plant evolution and determining the success of seedlings. The influence of birds, rabbits, mice and other herbivores likely counteracts early plant emergence due to climate change, the researchers found.

Virus Found to Adapt through Newly Discovered Path of Evolution

March 29, 2018

…a new path of evolution, and with it a deeper understanding of how quickly organisms such as viruses can adapt to their environment. Publishing in the journal Science, the researchers say their findings, which address longstanding mysteries of how genes acquire new functions and how mutations arise to ease transmission…

The Birds and the Bats: Evolving to Fly May Have Had Big Effect on Gut Microbiome

January 7, 2020

UC San Diego researchers studied nearly 900 vertebrate species and found that bats have unusual gut microbiomes that more closely resemble those of birds than other mammals, raising questions about how evolutionary pressures change the gut microbiome.

SDSC’s CIPRES Science Gateway Clarifies Branches in Evolution’s ‘Tree of Life’

July 3, 2012

A new Web resource developed at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego is helping thousands of researchers worldwide unravel the enigmas of phylogenetics, the study of evolutionary relationships among virtually every species on the planet.

Study Finds Black Bears in Yosemite Forage Primarily on Plants and Nuts

August 24, 2015

Black bears in Yosemite National Park that don’t seek out human foods subsist primarily on plants and nuts, according to a study conducted by biologists at UC San Diego who also found that ants and other sources of animal protein, such as mule deer, make up only a small fraction…

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