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Kit Pogliano: Q & A with New Dean of Biological Sciences

May 2, 2019

…diseases associated with an aging population. Thus, it is critical to support the basic sciences, so we can translate basic science discoveries into applications that will have a positive societal impact, at the same time that they are helping us to better understand the natural world. What drives you on…

Seeing is Understanding

March 8, 2018

…variety of conditions, including those that occur in the aging brain. “This was Roger’s vision and we’re dedicated to carrying it on,” Ellisman said. This is the third in a four-part series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the UC San Diego School of Medicine. See part 1 and part 2.

Say ‘Cheese’

April 21, 2016

…a cheesemaker creates when aging cheese attracts pretty much the same complement of microbes, whether the cheese is made in France or Wisconsin. However, Dutton is now examining these species more closely to see whether changes in their genomes could lead to differences in flavor production. One of the things…

UC San Diego Announces Recipients of Chancellor’s and Revelle Medals

October 13, 2016

…for central nervous system disorders associated with dementia and aging, as well as developmental conditions such as schizophrenia. For a full list of Chancellor’s Medalists from past years, click here. The Revelle Medal honorees can be found here.

A Look Back at 2022

December 15, 2022

As we look forward to the upcoming new year, UC San Diego Today invites readers to take a look back at some milestones from 2022.

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