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Biological Activity Alters the Ability of Particles from Sea Spray to Seed Clouds

April 22, 2013

Ocean biology alters the chemical composition of sea spray in ways that influence its ability to form clouds over the ocean. That’s the conclusion of a team of scientists using a new approach to study tiny atmospheric particles called aerosols that can influence climate by absorbing or reflecting sunlight and seeding clouds.

Navy Names New Scripps Research Vessel to Honor Legacy of Space Explorer Sally Ride

April 16, 2013

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced the nation's newest research vessel will be named R/V Sally Ride, in honor of the former UC San Diego faculty member who was the first American female astronaut and the youngest American to fly in space.

Former Scripps Director, Prominent Physicist, and Key Government Advisor: Edward A. Frieman

April 15, 2013

Edward A. Frieman, Ph.D., former director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, and a prominent national advisor to the government on issues of vital importance to defense, energy, and science policy, died of a respiratory illness at UC San Diego’s Thornton Hospital in La Jolla, Calif., on April 11, 2013.

Scripps Scientists Image Deep Magma beneath Pacific Seafloor Volcano

March 27, 2013

Since the plate tectonics revolution of the 1960s, scientists have known that new seafloor is created throughout the major ocean basins at linear chains of volcanoes known as mid-ocean ridges. But where exactly does the erupted magma come from?

Predictions of Climate Impacts on Fisheries Can be a Mirage

March 25, 2013

In the early 1940s, California fishermen hauled in a historic bounty of sardine at a time that set the backdrop for John Steinbeck’s “Cannery Row” novel. But by the end of the decade the nets came up empty and the fishery collapsed. Where did they all go? According to a new study led by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, the forces behind the sardine mystery are a dynamic and interconnected moving target.

Scripps Scientists Discover ‘Lubricant’ for Earth’s Tectonic Plates

March 20, 2013

Scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego have found a layer of liquefied molten rock in Earth’s mantle that may be acting as a lubricant for the sliding motions of the planet’s massive tectonic plates. The discovery may carry far-reaching implications, from solving basic geological functions of the planet to a better understanding of volcanism and earthquakes.

Scripps Lecture to Explore Crossroads of Science and Religion

March 20, 2013

Join Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego for a lively presentation at the hotly debated crossroads of science and religion. Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education and an internationally known expert on the evolution-creation controversy, will present “In the Beginning: Science, Religion, and Origins” during the annual Richard H. and Glenda G. Rosenblatt Lectureship in Evolutionary Biology.

Fluorescent Light Revealed as Gauge of Coral Health

March 12, 2013

Coral reefs not only provide the world with rich, productive ecosystems and photogenic undersea settings, they also contribute an economic boost valued at hundreds of billions of dollars. But their decline in recent years due to a variety of threats—from pollution to climate warming—has lent urgency to the search for new ways to evaluate their health.

Urban Heat Has Large-scale Climate Effects

January 27, 2013

The heat generated by everyday activities in metropolitan areas has a significant enough warming effect to influence the character of the jet stream and other major atmospheric systems during winter months, according to a trio of climate researchers.

Vice Chancellor Haymet to Retire from Administrative Roles at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

December 14, 2012

Following six years of service as Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences and Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Tony Haymet has announced his decision to retire from his administrative duties on January 1, 2013. He will remain a Distinguished Professor at UC San Diego.
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