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UC San Diego Student Selected for National Public Service Scholarship

May 16, 2024

Junior John Paculdo Koenigshofer is one of 20 students selected from 700 applicants across the nation to become a Key into Public Service Scholar by The Phi Beta Kappa Society, a national academic honor society that advocates for the value of a liberal arts and sciences education.

Expert Weighs In on the State of US Education

May 1, 2024

Amanda Datnow ’90, Chancellor’s Associates Endowed Chair in Education Studies and associate dean of the School of Social Sciences at UC San Diego, is deeply committed to making positive changes to K-12 education.

Disrupting Narratives that Legitimize Long-term Incarceration, from the Inside Out

April 4, 2024

A $2 million grant from the Mellon Foundation to support the UC Sentencing Project to drive work – inside and outside of prison – that disrupts the narratives that legitimize the racialized and gendered criminalization of people in California’s women's prisons.

Economies of Wildfire

November 2, 2023

Just as the threat of fire increases across the state, two major insurance companies have pulled out of California's home insurance market. Judd Boomhower, assistant professor of economics at UC San Diego, is looking closely a the potential causes of the destabilized insurance market in California.

UC Legend Dick Atkinson Digs into Memory

August 15, 2023

UC President Emeritus Richard C. Atkinson, professor emeritus of cognitive science and psychology at UC San Diego, describes the influential Atkinson-Shiffrin model of human memory.

ChatGPT Tricks Teachers

June 27, 2023

Can you tell if what you’re reading right now was written by a human or generated by artificial intelligence? Do you care? Those are essentially the questions that University of California San Diego researchers asked in an experiment with ChatGPT at a regional high school.

Serious Business: Expanding the Talent Pool for a More Inclusive Economy

June 15, 2023

Students in the Business and Economics Mentoring Program have access to academic support, peer-to-peer mentoring, social activities, as well as networking and research opportunities.

Car Talk

May 1, 2023

Old cars are terrible polluters. Equity is an issue. Environmental economist Mark Jacobsen seeks an effective and equitable solution to the pollution, and subsequent health costs, caused by old vehicles.
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