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University of California and United Auto Workers 2865 Joint Statement

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After months of negotiations, the UAW agreed to accept the accountability proposed by the University for the vandalism at the Marine Conservation and Technology Facility (“MCTF”) and disruption of the Alumni Awards Celebration at UC San Diego.

 As the UAW has agreed, UC San Diego’s interest throughout this process has been in protecting public property, protecting the continuity of University operations and events, and ensuring accountability related to the underlying behavior. The University is happy that the parties were able to reach an agreement that provided for accountability for violations of University policy.

As long as the terms of the agreement are met, the University will not pursue further action against the individuals involved in either matter.

The University and the UAW have agreed to the issue the following joint statement:

The UAW and University recognize and agree that protest activities must at all times be peaceful and consistent with standards for appropriate labor actions, including applicable laws and policies against vandalism and damaging University property and applicable laws and policies against the disruption of University events. The UAW and the University support lawful First Amendment and protected labor activities which are consistent with reasonable rules, regulations, and standards.

UAW regrets events that transpired arising from the protests on May 29, 2023 and May 5, 2023 in regards to the Marine Conservation and Technology Facility (“MCTF”) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Alumni Awards Celebration on the UC San Diego campus that resulted in the disruption of a university event and alleged harm to the MCTF building.

To the extent that public discourse regarding recent events has created negative impressions regarding the University’s response to the alleged harm to University property and the alleged disruption of University events, UAW regrets that the discourse created negative impressions regarding the University’s actions in response to these events. The University’s concern in this matter has been focused on protecting University property and the community.

The Parties look forward to working together collaboratively to resolve issues and other matters in our mutual interests.


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