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UC San Diego Response to AS Council Resolution on Divestment

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Last night, the Associated Students Council at UC San Diego approved a divestment resolution that cites the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and calls for the University of California to divest of holdings in a list of companies.

The UC Regents set investment policy for the ten-campus system, including UC San Diego. The UC leadership has reiterated its decision that such divestment is not the policy of the University of California and that a divestment resolution will not be brought before the Regents.

UC San Diego is a renowned university of international stature that provides students and faculty with opportunities to engage in collaborations and programs with leading scholars from around the world, including Israel. I am confident that our students will continue to engage in open, balanced and civil dialogue when discussing highly complex world issues that evoke strong feelings and emotions.  This approach is consistent with the intellectual rigor found in all aspects of teaching and research conducted at UC San Diego. It is important that all such discussions reflect our values of mutual respect and contribute to a more vibrant and inclusive living and learning community.

Pradeep K. Khosla

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