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UC San Diego Statement via University Communications

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UC San Diego Police have arrested three individuals, two of them students and one a recent graduate, in the felony vandalism of the Marine Conservation and Technology Facility on May 30. This new facility is designed to increase critical marine conservation research and its opening marked an important moment for our university community dedicated to this work. 

Before the opening ceremonies, vandalism was discovered on the building that caused permanent damage, necessitating replacement of building materials in excess of $12,000. The vandals used materials that defaced the walls of the new facility, and those materials seeped into the concrete. The concrete had been specially treated to withstand the marine environment and had to be professionally repaired.

In addition, official campus events had to be moved to other locations at the last minute, changing the planned events associated with the facilities’ opening.

UC San Diego supports its community members rights to voice their concerns lawfully. UC San Diego does not tolerate vandalism or other damage to university property.


* Updated July 10, 2023

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