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Chancellor Khosla’s Message to the Triton Community

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Over the past several weeks, and since my last statement, I have been listening intently and reflecting upon the collective sense of grief, anguish and fear that continues to grip so many within our campus community – and communities all over the world – as the war between Israel and Hamas continues. I hear our campus community joining me in condemning Antisemitism and Islamophobia and mourning the tragic losses of innocent civilian lives in Israel and the Gaza Strip. I also hear our community calling for unwavering support for freedom of speech and spirited discourse, but simultaneously for a redoubled commitment to ensuring a supportive, welcoming campus in which all members – including our Jewish and Palestinian students, faculty and staff – feel a sense of belonging and physical safety. As a proud member of this diverse community, I share these sentiments and recognize the pain and heightened emotions so many are feeling. 

We are all reeling from the devastating terrorist attacks and the war that continues to cause much death, destruction, suffering and despair. Now is a time of immense tragedy, yet I find great hope in our Triton community. Together, we stand in solidarity against Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and all forms of hate, discrimination and intolerance.

Freedom of speech is not only protected by the U.S. Constitution, but also revered and celebrated on our campus as a cornerstone of academic freedom. As we support our community members in their right to express their views, we also encourage everyone to be mindful of the impact of their words on others, particularly those who are grieving the loss of loved ones in this tragic conflict. Passionate speech is natural in these circumstances, but threats of violence have no place on our campus and will not be tolerated. No one on our campus should be made to feel threatened, and there is never justification for malicious intimidation, harassment or violence.

UC San Diego was built upon a spirit of collaboration, bold discoveries and vigorous scholarly discourse, and we must embrace these foundational principles now more than ever. This means expressing our views and engaging in civil conversations about issues of great importance – even when diverse beliefs and opinions are deeply rooted and such conversations can be uncomfortable – to promote learning and understanding. And it means listening to one another with empathy, tolerance and compassion.

As we face these challenging times, I encourage you to reach out to those who are hurting and seek support when you need help. UC San Diego offers many supportive resources to students, faculty and staff, and we are fully committed to supporting you as individuals and as a collective Triton community.

Most of all, I ask you to center your thoughts, words and actions through the lens of our shared fundamental humanity. Our Triton community is strong, inclusive and committed to mutual support. Let us recommit to listening, respecting and supporting every member of the community and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to our core values – and each other.

Pradeep K. Khosla

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