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Campus Leaders Welcome Our New Chancellor

After a busy first day meeting with faculty, students, alumni and community members, new Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla received a warm welcome at the first signature event in the Making Connections plan to introduce him to the campus and community.  The Aug. 2 “We Lead” reception was hosted by campus leadership at the Conrad Prebys Music Center.

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As part of the Making Connections plan to introduce UC San Diego’s eighth Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla, our new leader spent his first weeks learning the many ways that we lead, we heal, we explore and we discover.

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Attendees were treated to a special mini-concert by Professors Steven Schick and Aleck Karis, along with graduate student musicians from UC San Diego’s red fish blue fish percussion ensemble.  They dedicated a performance of John Cage’s “Amores” to Khosla.

“I was in love with this place before, but now I’m really in love,” Khosla said after being introduced and receiving a long round of applause. He reiterated his goal to work with the campus community over the coming months to develop a plan to move UC San Diego forward. It’s vital to have a shared vision and strategy, he said.

Khosla had also toured the music center before the event, visiting the Experimental Theatre, computer labs, recording studios, and rehearsal and teaching areas, with Dean Seth Lerer, Executive Vice Chancellor Suresh Subramani, and Associate Dean and Professor Karis. He described the facility as one of the finest university music facilities he has ever seen.


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