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2024 Black and Xicanx/Latinx Graduations

Communities supported by the Black Resource Center's and Raza Resource Centro's 10 years of service

Graduating students celebrating together
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Photos by Erik Jepsen, UC San Diego.

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For some students, UC San Diego is a familiar destination for all things learning and exploration; for others, it’s a new chapter in a brand new place or their family’s dream come true. For certain, many students’ Triton experience comes together when they find home in the Campus Community Centers, spaces of belonging that challenge traditional notions of diversity, nurture self-awareness and leadership, advance academic excellence and encourage open dialogue and expression. 

As the Raza Resource Centro (RRC) continues its 10th year on campus and the Black Resource Center (BRC) books a full 10 years of service, we take this opportunity to highlight the 2024 Black Graduation and Xicanx/Latinx Graduation held this past June 14. Beyond the celebrations’ inspiring speakers and entertainment, photos capture the community, culture, strength and joy the RRC and BRC weave into students’ lives.

Born out of student activism, the BRC and RRC validate the experiences of students while fostering understanding, opportunity and support across campus. Both continue to operate as student-centered hubs and offer a variety of resources, activities, events and programs that connect students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members.

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