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Reduce Workplace Stress and Increase Productivity with UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness

December 17, 2013

…help their employees reduce stress, increase focus and improve productivity. The convenient in-house training program is designed for companies of all sizes and for employees of all organizational levels. Program options include lunch-and-learn presentations, introductory mindfulness training workshops, the flagship 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction experience and programs customized to…

Researchers Create Novel Device to Measure Nerve Activity for Treatment of Sepsis, PTSD

November 14, 2022

Researchers Create Novel Device to Measure Nerve Activity for Treatment of Sepsis, PTSD

Chronic Stress Spawns Protein Aggregates Linked to Alzheimer’s

March 26, 2012

…14 days of repeated stress resulted in an accumulation of insoluble phosphorylated tau protein aggregates in brain cells, visualized in this electron micrograph. (Image courtesy of Robert Rissman, UC San Diego) Repeated stress triggers the production and accumulation of insoluble tau protein aggregates inside the brain cells of mice, say…

Doctors with Early Life Stress Found at Risk for Professional Challenges

October 31, 2014

…interpersonal closeness, decision-making and stress-regulation. MacDonald noted that the study is the first to use a comprehensive, standardized questionnaire about early life stress and a written narrative autobiography. This combination, the researchers said, allowed participants to be more transparent with their life stories. MacDonald and colleagues intend to do a…

Cancer Cells Co-opt Immune Response to Escape Destruction

December 18, 2012

…that tumor cells use stress signals to subvert responding immune cells, exploiting them to actually boost conditions beneficial to cancer growth. The findings are published in the December 18 online issue of the journal PLOS ONE. Lead author Navin R. Mahadevan, a graduate student in the Laboratory of Immunology at…

Researchers Discover New Pathway for Handling Stress

November 6, 2017

…with certain types of stress and attacks, including heat shock. The study, published Nov. 2 in Current Biology, was led by Kirthi Reddy in the lab of Emily Troemel, a professor in the Cell and Developmental Biology Section in UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences. The researchers studied how…

Fluorescent Light Revealed as Gauge of Coral Health

March 12, 2013

…fluorescence to test coral stress prompted from cold and heat exposures. In experimental studies conducted at Scripps, Roth and Deheyn tested the common Indo-Pacific reef-building branching coral Acropora yongei under various temperatures. Branching corals are susceptible to temperature stress and often one of the first to show signs of distress…

Study Finds Earthquakes Can Trigger Near-Instantaneous Aftershocks on Different Faults

September 8, 2016

…miles away reveal that stress can be transferred almost instantaneously by the passing seismic waves from one fault to another within the earthquake fault system. “The results are particularly important because of their seismic hazard implications for complex fault systems, like California,” said Fan, the lead author of the study.…

Biologists Develop Nanosensors to Visualize Movements and Distribution of Plant Stress Hormone

April 15, 2014

…plant growth under environmental stress conditions. The ABA stress hormone also controls the closing of stomata, the pores within leaves through which plants lose 95 percent of their water while taking in CO2 for growth. Scientists already know the general role that ABA plays within plants, but by directly visualizing…

New Study Pinpoints Stress Factor of Mega-Earthquake Off Japan

March 2, 2016

…a large amount of stress built up along the north, volcanic rock side of the median tectonic line resulting in the earthquake’s large movement. The plates on the south side of the line do not build up as much stress, and large earthquakes have not occurred there. “There’s a dramatic…

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