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UC San Diego Student Social Innovators Take Center Stage at 2016 CGI U

March 31, 2016

…are hardest hit by infection. Individuals simply cannot afford the travel time to get tested and to return to receive results. A real need exists for accurate, mobile testing of HIV infection.” She added, “Our group at UC San Diego has developed a prototype handheld device for rapid disease testing…

UC San Diego Health System Names Jacobs Medical Center Pavilion in Honor of Evelyn and Ernest Rady

May 21, 2015

…an early indicator of infection, eye disease, lung or cardiovascular problems. Inside Jacobs Medical Center As the only academic health system in the region, UC San Diego Health System delivers outstanding patient care to the community through groundbreaking research and inspired teaching. Jacobs Medical Center is the largest hospital project…

Tritons Meet the Coronavirus Challenge with Resiliency and Acts of Kindness

May 21, 2020

…system, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and even death.” She started UC San Diego Sunshine for Seniors, a campaign where students can design a card and nominate three others to do the same on Instagram with the hashtag #ucsdsunshine4seniors. All of the cards will be sent to St. Paul’s Senior Services…

Raising the Bar

October 24, 2013

…pain, breathing, swallowing, balance, infections, anxiety and other issues that may arise during the course of their treatment,” said Dr. Scott Lippman, director of UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. “Our team of cancer experts will listen to and understand their needs and be able to care for them in…

Student Life Reignites with Treasured Campus Traditions, New Degrees and Division I Competition

September 30, 2021

…twice weekly. The campus infection rate has remained below 1% and to date, no exposure events have been traced back to in-class activities at UC San Diego. Furthermore, being in a room with an infected individual does not automatically qualify as exposure. Instructors are encouraged to practice “pandemic resilient” teaching…

Class of 2015 Outstanding Grads Share Their Stories

June 18, 2015

…of antibiotic resistant bacteria infection and toxin detoxification by using engineered nanoparticles. “My goal is to see my work translated into an impactful application that can help patients who suffer from an ‘incurable’ disease be cured by traditional medicine,” Thamphiwatana said. Her work on nanomaterials and nanomedicine research has led…

Researchers Uncover Mechanisms behind Enigmatic Shapes of Nuclei

February 14, 2024

White blood cells known as neutrophils feature a nucleus that is structured strikingly different than most nuclei. These unique shapes permit neutrophils to travel all over the body to combat invading pathogens. Scientists have now deciphered the shapeshifting puzzle of the neutrophil nucleus.

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