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UC San Diego Graduate Students Take Their Research to State Capitol

March 20, 2012

…the safety of prescription drugs in the era of Internet pharmacies and looking at how climate change affects animal and plant life in California. They shared research that could expand our understanding of how human languages are structured, how media shapes our worldview and the way we use reading and…

$18M Boost to Materials Science Research at UC San Diego

July 9, 2020

…theme is all about developing new ways to control the properties of materials during their synthesis by controlling how they transition, from the smallest atomic building blocks to materials that are large enough to see with the human eye. Improved materials for batteries and other technologies that help societies increase…

Campus Leaders Describe Plans to “Flash Forward from 50” in Research and Discovery

December 6, 2011

…celebrations, university leaders are developing a new long-term vision for the decades ahead. The central idea behind that vision is a familiar one: “We will build on faculty collaboration across disciplines to produce transformative research with societal impact.” The Founders’ Symposium, held on Nov. 17 in the new Medical Education…

UC San Diego Launches Two Projects on the Impact of Climate Change on Coastlines and People

October 25, 2022

The University of California San Diego has received two five-year National Science Foundation (NSF) grants totaling $6.6 million to fund research hubs in Southern California and Puerto Rico.

Vicious Circles: Ring-shaped DNA Provides Cancer Cells with a Malignant Twist

November 20, 2019

UC San Diego researchers describe how circular extrachromosomal DNA in cancer cells boosts aggressiveness and resistance to therapies.

Tackling Changes and Challenges With Robotics

November 3, 2016

…by world leaders on developing robotics for the benefit of society. This year’s theme was “Shared Autonomy: New Directions in Human-Machine Interaction.” The forum has grown over the years and reflects the increased importance of robotics in the San Diego region, said Albert P. Pisano, dean of the Jacobs School…

Shooting for the Moon

January 21, 2021

…for understanding heart disease, developing new drugs and paving the way toward developing cell replacement therapies in future space missions. During her first mission to the Space Station in 2016, Rubins relied on scientific training that includes an undergraduate degree in molecular biology from UC San Diego to become the…

Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Trying? Here’s What COVID-19 Means for You

November 18, 2021

…pregnancy for this particular drug, but it was more historic in that pregnant people are often excluded from clinical trials, and we saw the results of that.” She notes that many physicians and researchers are advocating to change this policy on clinical trials, and there are now several published studies…

7 Ways Heat Impacts Health

July 9, 2024

Drawing from the expertise of the UC San Diego community, UC San Diego Today presents a list of seven ways that heat impacts health. Through collaboration and innovation, these insights can help pave the way for a healthier future for all.

Student Life Reignites with Treasured Campus Traditions, New Degrees and Division I Competition

September 30, 2021

…recordings over Canvas and developing alternative assessment options as needed. Approximately 80% of fall classes are being held in-person within indoor and outdoor classrooms; the campus currently has six outdoor classrooms equipped with WiFi access, speakers, movable seating and more. In addition to planning for in-person learning, several new academic…

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