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Lord of the Bees

March 20, 2014

…ecosystems from development and climate change. “This would be true of any group of insects, but bees play an obvious role in our ecosystems in ways that matter. They pollinate plants and some of these plants are completely dependent on these pollination services.” Drought may mean native bee colony extinction…

UC San Diego Health to Open Jacobs Medical Center November 20, 2016

November 17, 2016

UC San Diego Health will open Jacobs Medical Center, a 245-bed medical and surgical specialty hospital, on November 20, 2016. Named in recognition of $100 million in gifts from Joan and Irwin Jacobs, the 10-story facility combines renowned physician-scientists and care teams, precision medicine, clinical trials and creative arts and…

San Diego 2049 Challenges Graduate Students to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems Today

November 29, 2018

…These issues range from climate change; to the emergence of new artificial intelligences; the redrawing, or complete removal of national boundaries; low-cost gene editing and more. “Imagining the future helps us react to unanticipated situations,” said John Ahlquist, associate professor of political science at the School of Global Policy and…

North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood Springs to Life

March 4, 2021

…newest divisional initiative, the Climate Action Lab, is launching from the incubator space. A teaching preparation lab and a geographic information systems (GIS) lab will also help faculty and students to analyze and address real-world problems. A unique home for monumental art A 22- by 62-foot mural, “Same Old Paradise,”…

The Class of 2023: Dedicated to Their Dreams

May 30, 2023

UC San Diego’s Class of 2023 looks forward to diving into their future. Their passions range from international environmental equity to artificial intelligence and from biosustainability to lasers and optics. Read more about some of our stunning graduates here.

A Deep Look into the AI Revolution

December 5, 2023

A virtual event hosted by the School of Biological Sciences offered attendees from around the world a glimpse into how artificial intelligence is being used to accelerate scientific discovery and shape biomedical research, both in academia and industry.

Storied Research Platform is Retired

August 15, 2023

The Floating Instrument Platform (FLIP) was one of the most innovative oceanographic research tools ever invented, but on Aug. 3, FLIP’s distinguished career finished its final chapter when it was towed to a dismantling and recycling facility, the costs to renovate it deemed too expensive.

Trailblazing Astronomer Margaret Burbidge Turns 100 Years Old

October 10, 2019

…both the science and climate of astronomy has been immense.” According to Sargent, while Burbidge undoubtedly faced obstacles, she dealt with them in very effective and rarely confrontational ways. “Even as a graduate student, I was impressed by how senior, usually male, scientists listened attentively to her opinions and, perhaps,…

SDSC’s Gordon: A Non-Conventional Supercomputer Fosters Non-Traditional Research Projects

June 5, 2013

When the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of San Diego, California, debuted Gordon early last year, the system’s architects envisioned that its innovative features – such as the first large-scale deployment of flash storage (300 terabytes) in a high-performance computer – would open the door to new…

Zika Virus’ Key into Brain Cells ID’d, Leveraged to Block Infection and Kill Cancer Cells

January 16, 2020

Two different UC San Diego research teams identified the same molecule — αvβ5 integrin — as Zika virus’ key to brain cell entry. They found ways to take advantage of the integrin to both block Zika virus from infecting cells and turn it into something good: a way to shrink…

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