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‘Community Station’ Opens at U.S.-Mexico Border

February 27, 2020

…of Encanto, a 4-acre climate-action park being co-developed with Groundwork San Diego and the San Diego Unified School District; UCSD-DIVINA in Tijuana’s Laureles Canyon; and UCSD-ALACRÁN, also in Tijuana, an emergency migrant housing development. This last development has social and educational services embedded in it, as well as employment opportunities…

Broadening Global Experiences for All Tritons

February 9, 2023

Tamara T. Cunningham was recently named inaugural assistant vice chancellor for Global Initiatives. She will develop and implement a strategic internationalization plan for UC San Diego that will unify existing programs on campus and grow opportunities worldwide.

Birch Fellows Create Immersive Experience for New R/V Sally Ride Gallery

October 20, 2016

…about the planet and climate change. A Living Lab for Science Communication While their current focus is on the R/V Sally Ride gallery and The Expedition exhibit, the fellowship is about more than that. It’s about utilizing Birch Aquarium as a living laboratory for science communication and educational outreach. Birch…

UC San Diego to Participate in White House’s National Microbiome Initiative

May 13, 2016

On May 13, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) announced a new National Microbiome Initiative, a coordinated effort to better understand microbiomes and to develop tools to protect and restore healthy microbiome function. OSTP is launching the initiative with a combined federal agency investment of more…

SDSC Welcomes ‘Gordon’ Supercomputer as a Research Powerhouse

December 13, 2011

…from traffic patterns to climate change. Gordon by the Numbers Gordon is capable of handling massive data bases while providing up to 100 times faster speeds when compared to hard drive disk systems for some queries. Here’s a look at Gordon’s calculating “horsepower.” 4 petabytes of disk storage. One petabyte…

A Sense of Belonging

September 17, 2020

…of the global pandemic, climate change, racism and the violence of policing, it has become necessary to build spaces of collective study wherever possible, to understand how we got here and to build toward a different future. I’m hopeful that the program can be one more space to build community…

Walking the Walk of Change

August 13, 2020

…Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Climate (VC-EDIC). Professor Stacey Brydges—a long-time leader in chemistry education and ardent champion of social justice and access to/retention in STEM—quickened the pace when she became the inaugural vice chair. Grassian is a leader who works collaboratively to effect change. She previously served as executive associate…

Bring a Beginner’s Mind

April 13, 2023

Associate Professor of Communication Angela Booker has been named inaugural provost of Eighth College. The campus’s newest college will be located in the Theater District Living and Learning Neighborhood and will welcome an inaugural cohort of 600 students in Fall 2023.

UC San Diego’s Big Ideas for 2016 — and Beyond

January 7, 2016

…our founders, who discovered climate change and tried to do something about it; to our first chancellor, Herb York, who helped develop the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project — perhaps the most ethically loaded research ever — but devoted much of his subsequent life to nuclear deterrence; San Diego…

Power to the Batteries

May 21, 2015

…another plus. The mild climate offers ideal conditions for maximizing battery life and performance in electric vehicles, microgrids and more. The abundant sunshine and extensive photovoltaic installations are critical for electric-car-charging infrastructure powered by the sun. More than Technology The center’s engineers, materials scientists, physicists, chemists and micro-grid experts work…

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