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Team of UC San Diego Entrepreneurs Pushes Biomedicine Forward with Virtual Reality

March 14, 2023

If you were looking for a poster child for the strength of UC San Diego’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, the company Nanome would be a strong contender.

Pioneering Bioengineer Shu Chien Teaches Lessons That Extend Far Beyond Research Lab

October 17, 2019

…to more accurately remove cancerous cells; using tissue engineering to repair spinal cord damage; and creating wearable technology to monitor blood pressure. Bridging engineering and medicine might seem commonsense now, but at the time it was a revolutionary idea. He was also the founding director of the UC system-wide Bioengineering…

CARTA Maps Humanity’s Distinctive Evolution

February 17, 2022

…at higher risk for cancer while other carnivorous animals are not. CARTA’s interdisciplinary interactions have also inspired many other collaborative research projects and publications that illustrate human uniqueness. Examples include studies of Hadza microbiomes and dental health; explorations of when humans started standing upright and started running (long-distance running being…

Honoring the Veterans in Our Lives

November 9, 2023

In honor of Veterans Day, Nov. 11, UC San Diego Today asked members of the campus community to tell us about the U.S. military service members and veterans in their lives and share messages of gratitude for their contributions to their nation.

Talk of a “Twindemic”

September 17, 2020

…as diabetes, heart problems, cancer, obesity and chronic kidney disease, are at highest risk for developing severe COVID-19 complications. Other suspected factors may be asthma, hypertension, HIV, liver disease, smoking and pregnancy. Young children appear to be at least risk for severe COVID-19 complications, with the exception of multisystem inflammatory…

Maverick of Science Finds His Match

February 13, 2014

…and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. But it was after moving to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that he made his first big scientific breakthrough when, in 1991, he and his team developed a new technique to rapidly discover genes known as Expressed Sequence Tags, or ESTs. Venter left…

2017 Outstanding Graduates

June 1, 2017

…Garcia’s father died of cancer during his second year of college. “During that difficult time, I learned how physicians can influence lives not only through direct clinical care, but also through advocacy and compassion,” he said. Garcia is a member of the UC San Diego School of Medicine’s Program in…

Celebrating the successes of UC San Diego’s most dynamic grads

June 14, 2018

…nut linked to oral cancer globally, while China had the lowest. Thus, she applied to the Fulbright Scholarship with the idea of undertaking a comparative study on betel nut consumption, carcinogenicity and cultural practice in Taiwan vs. China. When Ullah comes back from her research in Taiwan and China, she…

Engineered Bone Marrow Could Make Transplants Safer

May 8, 2017

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed biomimetic bone tissues that could one day provide new bone marrow for patients needing transplants.

Nano Fiber Feels Forces and Hears Sounds Made by Cells

May 15, 2017

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a miniature device that’s sensitive enough to feel the forces generated by swimming bacteria and hear the beating of heart muscle cells.

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