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Scientists Decipher Mechanisms Underlying the Biology of Aging

November 2, 2017

…Decipher Mechanisms Underlying the Biology of Aging Multi-pronged approach reveals a delicate balance required for longevity Understanding the factors that control aging has been one of humanity’s endless pursuits, from the mystical fountain of youth to practical healthful regimens to prolong life expectancy. A team of scientists at the University…

Hacking a Revolution in Biology

November 10, 2016

Hacking a Revolution in Biology Graduate students in new quantitative biology doctoral program learn to modify microscopes and other instruments to probe frontiers of their emerging discipline Photos by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications Graduate studies within any single scientific discipline are challenging endeavors on their own. But imagine combining…

In Memoriam: Jonathan Singer 1924-2017

February 8, 2017

Jonathan Singer, one of the first members of the biology faculty at UC San Diego who helped build the campus into a world leader in molecular and cell biology, died on February 2 in La Jolla, CA. He was 92.

An Innovative Way to Educate Students About Circadian Biology

November 30, 2017

…Educate Students About Circadian Biology Circadian biology had long been overshadowed by other sub-disciplines in the biological sciences. But when Susan Golden was named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) professor in 2014, she launched the UC San Diego BioClock Studio to promote and educate students about circadian biology. Golden,…

How Cells Know When It’s Time to Eat Themselves

January 17, 2013

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have identified a molecular mechanism regulating autophagy, a fundamental stress response used by cells to help ensure their survival in adverse conditions.

Nobel Laureate Returns to UC San Diego Crossroads

February 7, 2019

…to cracking a major biological mystery, served as president of the Royal Society in London, published a popular science book and other noted accomplishments, Venkatraman “Venki” Ramakrishnan made a critical switch on his career path. After being awarded a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, Ramakrishnan decided to plunge into biology. Venki…

Four UC San Diego Faculty Members Named Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 2013 Fellows

February 28, 2013

…in bioinformatics and computational biology, with a special focus on computational mass spectrometry. His research aims to substantially improve the capabilities of proteomics discovery pipelines and could result in the development of novel drug therapeutics. Bandeira received a bachelor’s of science degree in computer science from New University of Lisbon,…

Popular Geneticist to Chronicle the Rise of a ‘Brave Genius’ at Scripps Lecture

January 6, 2015

Widely acclaimed biologist and popular book author Sean B. Carroll, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin, will describe the adventures of Jacques Monod, a co-founder of molecular biology, from the dark years of German occupation in Paris to the heights of winning the Nobel Prize, during…

Two UC San Diego Biologists Named 2015 Searle Scholars

April 23, 2015

Two UC San Diego Biologists Named 2015 Searle Scholars Kimberly Cooper Two assistant professors of biology at UC San Diego, Kimberly Cooper and Byungkook Lim, are among 15 scientists named 2015 Searle Scholars. The scientists were selected for their potential for making significant contributions to chemical and biological research over…

U.S. News Global Rankings Name UC San Diego 19th Best University in World

October 6, 2015

…as pharmacology and toxicology (4), neuroscience and behavior (6), biology and biochemistry (6), psychiatry and psychology (7), computer science (9), as well as molecular biology and genetics (10).

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