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UC San Diego Announces Teams for Blue Tech Accelerator

November 4, 2021

…the vast and steady carbon-free power from ocean waves and bringing superior power and monitoring technology to market with a global reach Daybreak Seaweed Company, bringing seaweed into the everyday kitchen by providing nutrient-dense, umami-packed, and nourishing kitchen staples FishSense, using imaging advancements to improve underwater biomass measurements and monitor…

A Cord of Confidence

May 21, 2015

…you throughout your academic career.” Chancellor Khosla congratulates Lincoln High student Luis Perez. Chancellor Khosla launched the Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship Program in 2013 to improve the pathway for qualified local students to achieve a UC San Diego education. When combined with other financial aid, the Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship Program provides…

California Dreaming

April 19, 2018

…answers to the most urgent issues. From designing the cyclotron—the world’s first particle accelerator—in 1931, to recording the first increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere in 1958 and co-discovering HIV in 1983, the university has consistently raised the bar. Today, the University of California conducts 10 percent of all…

Welcoming the ‘Leaders of the Future’

May 1, 2014

…to the university’s most urgent needs and critical priorities—including ensuring access and accessibility to UC San Diego for local students. As part of the event, newly admitted students were joined by their parents, grandparents, guardians and siblings at the Joe and Vi Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation in Southeast San…

A Royal Celebration

November 2, 2017

…Munk. After receiving an urgent telegraph message that the preliminary test had worked, he said, “I can’t tell you how exciting that was.” The Principality of Monaco became involved with ocean conservation with Prince Albert I, who financed four vessels used for oceanographic expeditions and took part in more than…

A Celebration of Latinx Heritage and Hope

October 7, 2021

…and beyond to deliver care, from driving across San Diego to hand-deliver food and medication to patients’ homes to visiting a patient who didn’t respond to phone calls about an urgent medical situation. Rodriguez simultaneously mentors preprofessional students, preclinical and clinical students, and residents at UC San Diego’s School of…

Student Entrepreneurs Find Success with Smart Earplugs

December 11, 2014

…center, which ensures that urgent phone calls from certain pre-selected numbers will come through—even when you’re asleep. The app also features a tracker that will make the earplugs sound so their users can find them. The earplugs are charged on a charging dock that doubles as a carrying case and…

Entering Our ChatGPT Era

June 13, 2023

From the doctor’s office to the classroom, rapidly advancing generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT are already changing life at UC San Diego, leaving no discipline or specialty untouched.

Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Trying? Here’s What COVID-19 Means for You

November 18, 2021

…Prevention (CDC) to request “urgent action” on the issue, after they officially recommended vaccination during pregnancy back in August. So, what’s keeping this group, who are at increased risk for severe infection, from getting vaccinated? For many expecting parents, this may feel like one of the first big decisions they…

Startup Companies Tackle COVID-19 From Many Angles

April 16, 2020

…in admittances to intensive care units (ICU) in San Diego county. With continued social distancing, the expected number is still well below the limit. (Graph is undergoing peer review.) For instance, predictive modeling can help officials anticipate when a city or county’s supply of hospital beds or ventilators will run…

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