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The Uncertainty of Climate Change is Hurting Us

April 22, 2021

…systems, to protect and care for vulnerable populations on very hot days,” said Benmarhnia. “The risks of extreme heat are especially burdensome on the elderly and in low-income communities, where people may not be able to afford air conditioning. “If communities are educated about these risks and can respond accordingly…

Q&A: Maintaining Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19

September 3, 2020

…sleep. When we take care of our bodies, we generate energy that allows us to function effectively and achieve goals. Q. What are some of the most common emotions people are feeling about the pandemic? A. We are in the midst of extraordinary times, and our emotions reflect this—from anxiety…

In This Era of AI, Will Everyone Be a Programmer?

December 7, 2023

ChatGPT and Large Language Models are viewed by many as a threat to the field of computer science education because they’re able to produce code on command. But the retooled, foundational course, “Introduction to Programming and Computational Problem Solving 1” relies on LLMs.

Scientists Apply a Novel Machine Learning Method to Help Diagnose Deadly Respiratory Illness

December 13, 2022

An international team of scientists led by UC San Diego computer science and engineering professor Pengtao Xie has developed a new algorithm that shows promise in improving the detection of pneumonia from chest x-rays.

UC San Diego Becomes Nation’s Youngest University to Reach $3 Billion in Fundraising Campaign

June 9, 2022

…to the world’s most urgent challenges from Alzheimer’s disease to homelessness In just over six decades, the University of California San Diego has become an international powerhouse in research, innovation, health care, the arts and education. The university announced a new landmark milestone today: it has surpassed its original $2…

Center for Community Health to Lead $13M Statewide Program for Newly Arrived Afghan Families

March 16, 2023

A culturally affirming, community-led transformation model pioneered by the UC San Diego Refugee Health Unit will be replicated across California, providing vital academic and social support to newly arrived Afghan youth and families during resettlement.

A New Phase

January 31, 2023

The evolution of clinical trials is accelerating, driven by emerging technologies, social imperatives and the next public health crisis.

Detecting Pathogens—and Sepsis—Faster and More Accurately by Melting DNA

February 21, 2024

A new analysis method can detect pathogens in blood samples faster and more accurately than blood cultures, which are the current state of the art for infection diagnosis. The new method, called digital DNA melting analysis, can produce results in under six hours.

Chancellor Reaffirms UC San Diego’s Commitment to Access, Inclusion at Community Forum

March 6, 2014

…to the university’s most urgent needs. Re-launch of UniversityLink for transfer students The UniversityLink program will provide local community college students with guaranteed admission to UC San Diego. To be eligible for UniversityLink, students must come from a low-income background (having a family income of $40,000 or less). Students may…

UC San Diego Announces Teams for Blue Tech Accelerator

November 4, 2021

…the vast and steady carbon-free power from ocean waves and bringing superior power and monitoring technology to market with a global reach Daybreak Seaweed Company, bringing seaweed into the everyday kitchen by providing nutrient-dense, umami-packed, and nourishing kitchen staples FishSense, using imaging advancements to improve underwater biomass measurements and monitor…

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