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UC San Diego Astrophysicists Contribute to Major Planet Discovery

February 23, 2017

…Astrophysicists Contribute to Major Planet Discovery The announcement yesterday that NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope had revealed the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star may be the biggest news of the year for the space agency. But it wasn’t only big news at NASA’s headquarters in…

New Campus Website Facilitates Powerful Climate Change Connections

April 21, 2022

…all those attempting to understand the state of the latest research on climate change and expand their education, UC San Diego has launched a new website highlighting the breadth of interdisciplinary climate change research on campus, and the university’s leading role in education and degree programs dedicated to understanding, mitigating…

New Faculty Represent Campus’s Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding and Protecting the Planet

March 9, 2017

…Campus’s Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding and Protecting the Planet Six new faculty members have joined UC San Diego this academic year in support of the cross-campus research theme of Understanding and Protecting the Planet. All the new professors have joint appointments between Scripps Institution of Oceanography and other departments at…

New Exhibit at Birch Aquarium to Bring Work Aboard Research Vessel to Life

October 20, 2016

…farthest reaches of the planet. Combining science, art, and technology—along with hands-on learning for young aquarium guests—Expedition at Sea will provide a new lens through which visitors of all ages can connect with the global research activities of Scripps Oceanography scientists. R/V Sally Ride and the Scripps oceanographic research fleet…

UC San Diego Top Institution in United States for Environmental and Earth Sciences

October 6, 2015

The journal Nature ranked UC San Diego first in the United States and fourth worldwide in earth and environmental research in a new survey that rated institutions based on their total contribution to studies published in major science journals.

New Year, New Baby: First Little Blue Penguin Hatched at Birch Aquarium

February 1, 2024

For the first time, a Little Blue Penguin has hatched at Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. The chick made its debut on New Year’s Day in the aquarium’s Penguin Care and Conservation Center in Beyster Family Little Blue Penguins.

Campus Summit Encourages Collaboration to Solve Environmental Woes

May 24, 2018

…the good of the planet From a microgrid on campus that allows UC San Diego to generate most of its own energy to studies of pollution transport in the air and local beaches, the campus is home to major scientific and technological advances to understand and protect the planet, starting…

Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program Launches 200 Student-Research Projects

March 12, 2015

…identifies four research themes: Understanding and Protecting the Planet Enriching Human Life and Society Exploring the Basis of Human Knowledge, Learning and Creativity Understanding Cultures and Addressing Disparities in Society. “The student-research projects all support those research priorities and continue the university’s investment in access and affordability for all students…

Birch Fellows Create Immersive Experience for New R/V Sally Ride Gallery

October 20, 2016

…that will help us understand and protect our planet,” said Harry Helling, executive director of Birch Aquarium. Combining science, art and technology, the gallery and exhibit will provide a new lens through which visitors of all ages can connect with the global research activities of Scripps Oceanography scientists. They are…

‘Frontiers of Innovation’ Program Seeds Seven Multidisciplinary Projects on Campus

January 29, 2015

…strategic avenues of inquiry: understanding and protecting the planet; enriching human life and society; exploring the basis of human knowledge, learning, and creativity; and understanding cultures and addressing disparities in society. “We want to engage all campus members in research to answer basic questions and address the needs of our…

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