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Class Act: Award-Winning Speech and Debate Team Also Becomes a Course

May 25, 2023

Students are now able to receive academic credit for joining the Speech and Debate team and competing in intercollegiate tournaments.

UC San Diego Speech and Debate Team Shines on National Stage

June 13, 2024

This spring has been a winning season for the UC San Diego speech and debate team. Established six years ago, the contingent has grown to include more than 100 members drawn from various disciplines across UC San Diego who have top honors in various regional and speech competitions.

Who’s Afraid of Free Speech?

November 16, 2017

Who’s Afraid of Free Speech? Seton Hall Law Professor Thomas Healy (left) was joined by UC San Diego Communication Professor Robert Horwitz to field questions at the event. Photos by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications What is “free speech” and is it at risk on college campuses? Are raucous and…

Role Models: Student-Run Model U.N. Org Champions Human Rights and Competitions

June 6, 2019

…oversaw the progression of debate within a committee. An International House and completely student-run organization, the UC San Diego MUN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics such as gender equality, climate action, global health…

California Dreaming

April 19, 2018

…birth of the free speech movement. California’s university The University of California was founded on March 23, 1868 on the principle that college should be accessible to all Californians. What began with just 10 faculty members and 40 students at Berkeley has multiplied to 10 campuses and 273,000 students. With…

Educate to Indoctrinate: Education Systems Were First Designed to Suppress Dissent

April 28, 2022

Public primary schools were created by states to reinforce obedience among the masses and maintain social order, rather than serve as a tool for upward social mobility, suggests a study from UC San Diego political scientist Agustina Paglayan.

“And the Award Goes To”…Oscar-Style Ceremony at UC San Diego to Honor Humanitarian Work

February 28, 2018

…deliver an awards acceptance speech while “thanking the academy?” Members of the University of California San Diego will make this dream a reality March 8 for the “BEARLs” Academe Awards for Principles of Community. The Hollywood-style awards ceremony will honor five members of the campus community, along with a distinguished…

The Marshmallow Test Revisited

September 9, 2020

When kids “pass” the marshmallow test, are they simply better at self-control or is something else going on? A new UC San Diego study revisits the classic psychology experiment and reports that part of what may be at work is that children care more deeply than previously known what authority…

UC San Diego Once Again Named 5-Star College by Money

June 20, 2024

The University of California San Diego has once again achieved a 5-star rating in Money’s Best Colleges in America 2024 list. This recognition, awarded annually to colleges that excel in both quality and affordability, places UC San Diego among one of the 18 public universities in the country to earn…

Convocation Welcome Message: Know Your Value

October 4, 2018

…is a lot of debate regarding the value of higher education—is it for your gainful employment or for the improvement of society as a whole? This is a false dichotomy,” she said. “The skills you will gain here in critical thinking and problem-solving are what employers want…And guess what? That…

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