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SDSC Invites Researches to Apply for Access to Gordon Supercomputer

September 14, 2012

The San Diego Supercomputer Center is seeking innovative applications for the next round of user allocations on its data-intensive Gordon supercomputer, which went into operation earlier this year.

Spotlight on Faculty Research: Jobs

February 14, 2012

Spotlight on Faculty Research: Jobs Kate Antonovics Kate Antonovics has two main strands of research. One focuses on income inequality with a particular focus on the sources of race and gender inequality and the role that both preference-based discrimination and statistical discrimination play in perpetuating that inequality. The other strand…

Matthew Lovett-Barron Named 2021 Packard Fellow

October 14, 2021

UC San Diego Assistant Professor Matthew Lovett-Barron, who researches the neural mechanisms of internal brain states and collective decision making in schooling fish, has been selected for the 2021 Packard Fellowship Program and the Searle Scholars Program.

Spotlight on Faculty Research: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

June 13, 2011

Spotlight on Faculty Research: Planes, Trains and Automobiles Edwin Hutchins Edwin Hutchins is a professor in the Department of Cognitive Science. He has spent his career trying to understand human cognition in social, cultural and material context, although his primary research sites, since 1989, have been in the world of…

Immersive Exhibit Will Bring Brainwaves to Life Through Sight and Sound

June 5, 2019

Electric Fields, an immersive audio-visual installation sparked by a collaboration between the Qualcomm Institute’s Composer-in-Residence Katharina Rosenberger, neuroscientist Alexander Khalil and multimedia artist John Burnett will premiere June 12 at 6 p.m. in the Atkinson Hall Auditorium.

Electric Grid Monitoring Laboratory Opens at UC San Diego

March 24, 2016

Engineers from academia and industry will harness the power of control theory to help improve the way electric power grids are operated in San Diego and beyond in a new research laboratory that opened this month on the University of California, San Diego campus.

Community Matters

September 26, 2022

Sociology professor Michel Estefan redefines classroom culture.

UC San Diego Women Scientists Featured in Statue Exhibit at the Smithsonian

March 17, 2022

…and education. Claire Meaders: Researching the best ways to teach STEM and build students’ sense of belonging Claire Meaders next to her statue at #IfThenSheCan - The Exhibit at the Smithsonian. Early in her scientific career, Claire Meaders, assistant teaching professor in UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences, knew…

Public Lecture at Scripps Explores Darwin’s Deep Connection to the Ocean

May 29, 2013

An expert on the history of science and exploration will discuss the early days of Charles Darwin’s storied career and how the ocean played an instrumental role in its launch during a public presentation at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.

Convocation Keynote Encourages Students to Recognize Power They Have to Influence Others

October 2, 2014

…Fowler spoke about his research on social networks, the power they yield and how they allow one individual to have an impact on hundreds and potentially thousands of other people. Convocation, which headlined the more than 150 Welcome Week activities, is the university’s ceremony to mark the official entrance of…

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