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Sun and Solar Panels Shine at 40th Research Expo

April 19, 2022

Nanoengineering master’s student Tala Sidawi had her time in the sun at the 2022 edition of Research Expo. Sidawi took home the grand prize for her work to model how solar panels “breathe” water in real time.

Shu Chien Named San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering Chief Engineer

February 7, 2013

…the county, culminating in EXPO DAY at PETCO Park on Saturday, March 23. Hands-on activities and exciting demonstrations are designed to show the real world impact of STEM knowledge and inspire students to pursue careers in these rewarding industries. “In order to continue improving the way of life for everyone,…

San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering Presents Countywide Events March 17-24

January 31, 2012

Interactive demonstrations and exciting speakers, ranging from skateboard legend Tony Hawk to icon of engineering Irwin Jacobs, get students excited about science and engineering

Campus Summit Encourages Collaboration to Solve Environmental Woes

May 24, 2018

…UP Summit brought together researchers and policymakers for the good of the planet From a microgrid on campus that allows UC San Diego to generate most of its own energy to studies of pollution transport in the air and local beaches, the campus is home to major scientific and technological…

Higher Resolution Brain Mapping Tech Wins Big at Research Expo

April 25, 2024

UC San Diego electrical and computer engineering PhD student Andrew Bourhis won the top prize at the 42nd annual Jacobs School of Engineering Research Expo for his work to integrate thin film transistors into easier-to-use flexible electrode arrays, which could enable much more precise mapping of human brain activity.

How an Entrepreneurial Engineering Education Nurtured a Biotech Startup

March 10, 2014

Identify a real-world problem. Engineer a solution. And, if the solution works, figure out how it can be commercially viable. That’s what Michael Benchimol said he learned over 7 years of working in the laboratory of Sadik Esener, a professor in the departments of NanoEngineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering…

Scripps-developed Landers Provide New View of Ocean Floor

April 17, 2012

…Hardy and other Scripps researchers comes into play. Hardy, a Scripps research engineer, has developed telephone-booth-size landers that are dropped to the seafloor. The landers, technically know as Deep Ocean Vehicles (DOVs), are equipped with an acoustic beacon on top that Cameron can use to help navigate the ocean depths.…

En Route to UC San Diego, Chinese Undergraduate Wins Award at SIGGRAPH 2017 – in Absentia

August 7, 2017

This fall an undergraduate alumnus from China’s Tsinghua University is joining the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Ph.D. program, and this week, Tiancheng (Kevin) Sun was named the winner of the ACM Student Research Competition in the undergraduate category at the SIGGRAPH computer-vision conference in Los Angeles.

Engineers develop new materials for hydrogen storage

April 15, 2014

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have created new ceramic materials that could be used to store hydrogen safely and efficiently.

Research Expo Offers Exclusive Peek at Tomorrow’s Game-changing Technologies

March 12, 2012

New green methods for making hydrogen fuels. Microrockets that can circulate in the human body without external fuel. Improved seismic safety in hospitals and other structures. New approaches to help utilities integrate solar power into the energy grid.

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