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Humanizing the Research Enterprise

March 19, 2015

…design into a practical science, a discipline ripe for analysis, aggregation and dissemination of results, in order to improve how our lives function. “When we design, we’re inventing a new future,” said Klemmer. “The role of our research projects is to find out what life is like in that future,…

Convocation Keynote to Students: Mistakes are Stepping Stones on Path to Greatness

September 29, 2016

…herself into the cognitive science department and became an honors student. “You can actually pronounce my transcript,’” she quipped, explaining how she went from earning straight Fs to straight As. “Still, I was the same person, at the same school, studying the same thing. But it’s not what I was…

Service and Activism Theme of UC San Diego’s 2018 Black History Month Celebration

February 1, 2018

…concerning war, resistance and politics. Social Science Building, #101, African and African-American Studies Research Center. Feb. 1, 5 to 6:30 p.m., Jazz in Paris: How African Americans Shaped and Influenced the Paris Jazz Scene: Cecil Lytle, the world-renowned pianist and former provost of Marshall College, will explore the interconnections among…

Understanding the Science of Work

February 21, 2019

…Diego Publications Understanding the Science of Work From the hockey rinks of Canada, to conducting research on innovation, School of Global Policy and Strategy professor Elizabeth Lyons stays on the cutting edge Boldness, creativity and an aptitude for taking risks are all characteristics of a successful innovator. They also apply…

In the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Xenophobia Flares Up

March 26, 2020

…our worst qualities. When politicians and others use their public platforms to spread toxic messages and hurtful stereotypes, it can lead to increased discrimination and racism toward Asians and Asian Americans and activate intergroup violence. “We don’t want to label and stigmatize people in their communities,” said UC San Diego…

Public Health Students Graduate and Enter the Workforce During Unprecedented Times

June 25, 2020

…Health and Human Longevity Science listened, on June 12, 2020, to the school’s founding dean and the university’s first Black female dean, Cheryl Anderson, during a commencement ceremony conducted by video conference. “This is such an important time to be going into public health,” said Anderson. Our students are beginning…

Cocoa May Enhance Skeletal Muscle Function

March 2, 2012

A small clinical trial led by researchers at UC San Diego School of Medicine and VA San Diego Healthcare System 〈VASDHS〉 found that patients with advanced heart failure and type 2 diabetes showed improved mitochondrial structure after three months of treatment with epicatechin-enriched cocoa. Epicatechin is a flavonoid found in…

Data Support Theory on Location of Lost Leonardo da Vinci Painting

March 13, 2012

Evidence uncovered during research conducted in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio late last year appears to support the theory that a lost Leonardo da Vinci painting existed on the east wall of the Hall of the 500, behind Giorgio Vasari’s mural “The Battle of Marciano.”

UC San Diego Leads Researchers to Demonstrate First Single-Photon Generation from a Silicon Chip

April 30, 2012

An international consortium of researchers has overcome an important barrier to the generation of single photons using a tiny, chip-scale device constructed from the most widely used material underpinning modern electronics: silicon.

Historian Mark Hanna to Discuss “Pirates in Print” at UCSD Library Jan. 16

January 2, 2013

UC San Diego historian Mark Hanna, an authority on the rise and fall of pirates during the first British Empire, will deliver a lecture at 1 p.m. on January 16 on “Pirates in Print: Seafaring Treasures of the Mandeville Special Collections Library.” The lecture is free and open to the…

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