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UC San Diego to Lead Major Project on Immigration

March 12, 2015

…system, workforce, public health, political environment, culture and more. “A quarter of us in California were born in another country, and millions more have at least one parent born outside the U.S. If we want to understand the challenges and opportunities California faces in the 21st century, we have to…

How to Double Voter Turnout and Increase Representation during Local Elections

August 20, 2021

Low and uneven turnout is a serious problem for local democracy. However, simply moving off-cycle, local elections to be held on the same day as statewide and national contests doubles voter turnout and leads to an electorate that is considerably more representative.

Can Americans Trust Elections?

November 1, 2018

…anticipated 2018 midterms near, political science professor Lauren Prather has found that Americans increasingly distrust elections. Previous research has shown that domestic issues such as gerrymandering, campaign finance and voter ID laws contribute to the trend; Prather’s study, however, is the first to look at how foreign actors trying to…

UC San Diego Graduate Student Receives UC President’s Award for Outstanding Student Leadership

June 4, 2015

…Diego graduate student in political science has taken him across academic and national borders. With his focus on environmental political theory, he has forged cross-disciplinary collaborations on campus and with institutions in Mexico to address ecological challenges in the region. In recognition of his work, University of California President Janet…

Alumnus Jaime Lizarraga Works in Nation’s Capital for Social Change

May 18, 2017

…public service while studying political science in the UC San Diego Division of Social Sciences. He was fueled, he says, by the intellectual challenge and the prospect of working toward social change. “I knew early on that contributing in some form to making our country a better place was not…

Students for a Democratic Society Founder Tom Hayden to Speak on Activism at UC San Diego

October 31, 2012

…Humanities (CLAH) minor, Thurgood Marshall College, the Department of Political Science and the Department of literature.

Pre-Law Program Provides Mentorship and Community Connections

June 21, 2023

The 2023 Law School Launch gave pre-law students at UC San Diego a glimpse into the law school admissions process and the courtroom.

Free and Public Lectures Series at UC San Diego Explores What it Means To Be Human

January 5, 2012

What does it mean to be human? Are there essential human qualities and characteristics? How do we know what they are? And how did we acquire them? These questions will be explored in “Making of the Modern World: To Be Human,” a nine-part public lecture series on the campus of…

A Living Legend

May 10, 2018

…Jackson) A Living Legend Political science experts discuss significance of civil rights icon John Lewis as UC San Diego keynote commencement speaker “When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you must have the courage to stand up, to speak up, and find a way to…

UC San Diego Speech and Debate Team Shines on National Stage

June 13, 2024

This spring has been a winning season for the UC San Diego speech and debate team. Established six years ago, the contingent has grown to include more than 100 members drawn from various disciplines across UC San Diego who have top honors in various regional and speech competitions.

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