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Talking Science

May 4, 2017

Talking Science New research communications program to train scientists to explain to the public the value of their work Photos by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications Academics across the nation, many of whom were previously reluctant to become public advocates for research, voiced their collective support for science at the…

Community Matters

September 26, 2022

Sociology professor Michel Estefan redefines classroom culture.

New Report Calls for Cross-Sector Approach to Climate Action

October 24, 2023

A new report led by the University of California San Diego’s David G. Victor and fellow experts from the Commission on Accelerating Climate Action at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, calls for a robust and coordinated, cross-sector effort to combat climate change.

School of Global Policy and Strategy Professor Awarded for Engaging Analysis of News and Events

April 9, 2018

…by Cambridge Analytica, the politicization of U.S. intelligence agencies, and the civil wars crises plaguing regions in the Middle East, Africa and beyond are just a few of the topics tackled in Political Violence @ a Glance. The blog was launched by Barbara F. Walter, political science professor at the…

New Center to Address Immigration Policy Debates in Real Time

April 4, 2019

…Dedicated to rigorous social science on the foundations and consequences of U.S. immigration policy, the U.S. Immigration Policy Center will produce research on immigration debates as they happen. The center’s real-time responsiveness is explicitly meant to help inform decision makers, the media and the public. “From DACA to family separation…

Citizen Monitor: Recruiting Voters to Improve Their Own Democracies

January 30, 2014

…by UC San Diego political scientist Clark Gibson will be seeking to answer during the 2014 national elections in South Africa, thanks to a $1.38 million Stage 2 Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) grant from the United States Agency for International Development. The team will be running randomized controlled experiments during…

Will Changing How We Vote Change Who Votes?

November 1, 2018

…San Diego Department of Political Science professor and chair, in Studio Ten300, discussing voter registration and local election trends. UC San Diego political scientist Thad Kousser is leading a team of researchers from five UC campuses to find out. “What will the act do to turnout? And more importantly, how…

UC San Diego Scholars Honored with Faculty Excellence Awards

March 14, 2013

…ranging from biology to political science and family medicine to literature, but six University of California, San Diego professors now share something in common: They are all recipients of Chancellor’s Associates Faculty Excellence Awards. The prestigious awards are presented annually by the UC San Diego Chancellor’s Associates donor group for…

Focus on South Asia

March 21, 2024

The forum will be launched with an inaugural lecture by renowned Indian musician T.M. Krishna.

Women’s Incomes Improve When Democrats Hold Public Office, Study Finds

October 8, 2020

…In an increasingly polarized political system, Democratic control has a meaningful impact on narrowing the gender gap New research from the University of California San Diego reveals that Democratic control of state houses leads to substantial improvement in women’s incomes, wages and unemployment relative to men. The study, to be…

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