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UC San Diego Professor Barbara F. Walter Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

May 5, 2023

Barbara F. Walter, professor of political science at the University of California San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Political Scientist Sam Popkin to Speak Nov. 1 on the Race to Win the White House

October 18, 2012

Timely behind-the-scenes insights into the current presidential campaign and those of past challengers will be offered by Samuel Popkin, noted political scientist and author, during a free lecture at noon, Nov. 1, in the Geisel Library at UC San Diego.

Americans Would Rather Harm Their Own Political Cause than Help an Opposing One

November 28, 2022

Both Democrats and Republicans would rather take away funding from their political party than give money to the other party, reveals a new University of California San Diego Rady School of Management study.

School of Global Policy and Strategy Launches New Master of Chinese Economic and Political Affairs

August 31, 2016

The School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California San Diego will now offer a Master of Chinese Economic and Political Affairs, solidifying it as one of the premier locations to gain expertise in China and United States-China relations.

Poked to Vote

January 24, 2013

…San Diego professor of political science in the Division of Social Sciences and of medical genetics in the School of Medicine. If you logged into Facebook on Election Day 2012, you may have seen – along with political rants and raves from your friends (and pictures of cats) – a…

School of Global Policy and Strategy Professor Awarded for Engaging Analysis of News and Events

April 9, 2018

…by Cambridge Analytica, the politicization of U.S. intelligence agencies, and the civil wars crises plaguing regions in the Middle East, Africa and beyond are just a few of the topics tackled in Political Violence @ a Glance. The blog was launched by Barbara F. Walter, political science professor at the…

UC San Diego Political Scientists to Trace San Diego’s Fiscaland and Governance Missteps

October 25, 2011

…to UC San Diego political scientists Steve Erie and Vladimir Kogan, a series of critical financial and policy missteps have transformed San Diego into “Enron by the Sea,” a municipality now plagued by intractable pension and budget deficits, poorly crafted public-private partnerships, and increasingly distrustful voters who demand services but…

A Legacy of Support for UC San Diego Students

December 14, 2022

Former lecturer Peter Galderisi, and his wife, Holly Gottschalk Galderisi, have committed to providing support to establish the Galderisi-Gottschalk Political Science Internship Endowment and the Gottschalk-Galderisi Women’s Athletic Endowment at UC San Diego.

Voting Boost

December 15, 2022

Election research pioneered by UC San Diego political scientist Zoltan Hajnal is not only having a real-world impact in California, but is starting to take root beyond the state.

The Making of a Revolution

September 25, 2017

Political scientists have, for years, assumed leaders matter because they represent interest groups. Personalities and other individual traits are often seen as much less important. But what happens when someone with an inflated ego or little experience becomes the one in control? A group of political scientists at the University…

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