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UC San Diego Health and Navy Perform Reconstructive Jaw Surgery using 3D Printed Teeth

December 12, 2023

UC San Diego Health and the Navy perform reconstructive jaw surgery using 3D Printed Teeth on UC San Diego graduate.

ROSA to the Occasion: Epilepsy Care Gets Robotic Boost at UC San Diego Health

April 25, 2022

Epilepsy treatment, and hopefully quality of life for one 18-year-old patient, receives robotic boost at UC San Diego Health.

Hanna and Mark Gleiberman Gift $12 Million to UC San Diego’s Head and Neck Cancer Center

May 13, 2021

…would endure a 13-hour surgery to remove part of her tongue and jaw, subsequent complex reconstruction using bone from her leg and tissue from her arm, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. She was told she would have speech and swallowing difficulties for the rest of her life. “What she was…

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