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A Major Move

April 8, 2021

…like her could thrive. For community, she grew close to the Black Resource Center and served two years as president of the Black Student Union. For academics, she took as many classes on the Black experience as possible, and ultimately received a minor in African American Studies. And while she…

Charting Shots

October 7, 2021

…of the scientific community for political reasons that range from efforts to discount the reality of climate change to the benefits of wearing masks to reducing the spread of respiratory diseases.” Vaccines work In the U.S., vaccines have rendered a number of diseases virtually non-existent, or at least no longer…

An Elevator Speech on the Need to Protect the Planet

May 15, 2014

…UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography found out that he would be meeting Pope Francis and would have only one minute to speak to him as the workshop concluded on May 6. The message he delivered was that climate change has become a serious issue and the 3 billion…

New Majors to Help Students Tackle Big Issues

April 12, 2018

…learn to plan sustainably for the 21st century and beyond, students in Real Estate and Development will carry out projects in the community and work with professional practitioners. Photo by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Publications. The University of California San Diego has added four new majors engaged with real-world concerns…

Nov. 12 Founders Symposium Features TED-style Talks

October 29, 2015

…voices; explore the prospects for a world free from hunger; and discuss ethics to guide society’s response to new science and technology. Attendees will also learn about the relational approach to change and learning; what works and what doesn’t in foreign aid; and how interactive documentary theatre can create institutional…

Kit Pogliano: Q & A with New Dean of Biological Sciences

May 2, 2019

…the University of Washington for undergraduate studies and received a Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School. She was a Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University before joining UC San Diego’s faculty in 1996. In her laboratory, Pogliano applies cell biological tools to understanding the design principles of bacterial cells,…

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