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What are the Drivers of Chronic Infectious Disease?

March 24, 2023

A $1 million grant from the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation will launch a UC San Diego-led national effort to more deeply study tissue samples from patients with conditions ranging from long COVID-19 and relapsed Lyme disease to chronic fatigue syndrome.

UC San Diego Health Offers Virtual Appointments to Patients with COVID-19

May 4, 2020

UC San Diego Health now offers a telemedicine clinic to help patients with COVID-19 recover at home.

Small Loop in Human Prion Protein Prevents Chronic Wasting Disease

February 23, 2015

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) affects North American elk and deer, but has not been observed in humans. Using a mouse model that expresses an altered form of the normal human prion protein, researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have determined why the human proteins aren’t corrupted…

Dissecting COVID-19: Biology Professor Opens Infectious Disease Course to Public Audiences

April 2, 2020

…COVID-19: Biology Professor Opens Infectious Disease Course to Public Audiences Podcasted class on UCTV and other outlets to analyze the biological roots and spread of coronavirus Division of Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Justin Meyer. Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Justin Meyer oversees a laboratory that specializes in the evolution of viruses…

Center for AIDS Research Funding Renewed for an Old and On-Going Fight

April 16, 2018

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has awarded a five-year, $15 million grant to the San Diego Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) at UC San Diego, renewing support that extends back to an original establishing grant in 1994—the height of the AIDS epidemic.

NIH Funds UC San Diego Amazonian Center of Excellence in Malaria Research

April 21, 2017

…by Joseph Vinetz, MD, professor of medicine and tropical disease specialist at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, will receive up to approximately $8.3 million over seven years from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health.

Is COVID-19 Transmitted Through Breast Milk? Study Suggests Not Likely

August 19, 2020

A recent study by researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine suggests transmission of COVID-19 through breast milk is not likely. The infectious virus was not detected in 64 samples of breast milk tested.

Karl Y. Hostetler, MD, Receives Prestigious 2012 Gertrude Elion Memorial Award

April 17, 2012

Karl Y. Hostetler, MD, has been selected as the recipient of the 2012 Gertrude Elion Memorial Lecture Award by the International Society of Antiviral Research. Hostetler is a professor of medicine in the Divisions of Infectious Diseases and Endocrinology at the UC San Diego School of Medicine.

Variable Precipitation Linked to Rising Infectious Disease among Young Children Worldwide

February 9, 2022

A team of researchers at the University of California San Diego has found that abnormally wet conditions increase the risk of cough, fever, and diarrhea in children under five years old in many humid subtropical regions of the globe.

Researchers Identify Potential Diagnostic Test for Kawasaki Disease

August 6, 2018

…College London, with international collaborators, have determined that Kawasaki disease (KD) can be accurately diagnosed on the basis of the pattern of host gene expression in whole blood. The finding could lead to a diagnostic blood test to distinguish KD from other infectious and inflammatory conditions.

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