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Campus Summit Encourages Collaboration to Solve Environmental Woes

May 24, 2018

…paying off, through direct partnerships with fire departments throughout the state, including a Los Angeles County fire chief that tracked down Altintas to collaborate after learning about her work. Altintas provided predictive maps for the 2017 fires from Napa to San Diego County to assist first-responders by creating simulations of…

Howard University Alumnus Awarded Sloan Ph.D. Fellowship in Computer Science at UC San Diego

August 25, 2015

UC San Diego joins MIT and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as elite campuses selected to be part of the Sloan Foundation’s Minority Ph.D. Program, and the foundation recently announced the first computer science student at UC San Diego to become a Sloan Scholar.

Kit Pogliano: Q & A with New Dean of Biological Sciences

May 2, 2019

…prepares them for future careers as medical doctors, dentists, business or as faculty and researchers at other universities, biotechnology companies and private institutes. We provide the students not only with foundational knowledge of biological systems, but also with key skills in quantitative and qualitative reasoning, in experimental design and interpretation.…

Q&A with Angela Fang

April 30, 2012

…step in her academic career – becoming a UC San Diego Triton. In this interview, Angela talks about why she chose to attend UC San Diego and what she likes best about being a Preuss student. How did you end up attending The Preuss School on the UC San Diego…

Interdisciplinary UC San Diego Team Deployed Near Tip of Italy’s Boot

November 8, 2013

An interdisciplinary team of Ph.D. students from the University of California, San Diego, recently spent time at archaeological sites in the southern Italian region of Calabria, and they came away with a newfound respect for the daily routine of uncovering the past – and a better understanding of how to…

Sea-Level Rise Researcher to Lead Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

September 12, 2017

…Scripps supporters Richard and Carol Hertzberg. The goal of the center is to draw on the expertise of climate scientists like Merrifield as well as experts ranging from economists, sociologists, and engineers to urban planners and political scientists to document climate change impacts on the environment, ecosystems, and humans and…

UC San Diego Foundation Board Trustees Bridge Campus and Community

July 24, 2018

They each bring diverse expertise as doctors, educators, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Yet they all share a common interest: propelling the bold experiments, lifesaving solutions and nontraditional learning opportunities at the University of California San Diego. The UC San Diego Board of Trustees are unique ambassadors who dedicate their time and…

Growing Green Leaders

April 12, 2018

…on campus and in partnership with local nonprofits in celebration of Earth Day, which is nationally recognized on April 22. The events—the majority free and open to the public—offer opportunities to engage in cleanups and DIY green activities, as well as meet environmental changemakers like Dolores Huerta, who spoke about…

Rebels with a Cause

February 18, 2016

…went on to a career as a vocational trainer after UC San Diego. “I want him to be well-rounded and fully integrated into campus life, to become involved and find community at the Raza Resource Centro.” The Raza Resource Centro is one of the newest of the five campus resource…

John Wooley: In Memoriam

May 5, 2015

Dr. John Wooley, the long-time associate vice chancellor for research and professor of pharmacology at the University of California, San Diego, passed away in April after a long battle with cancer.

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