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Talking Alone: Researchers Use Artificial Intelligence Tools to Predict Loneliness

September 24, 2020

A team led by researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine has used artificial intelligence technologies to analyze natural language patterns to discern degrees of loneliness in older adults.

Studies Find Even Minimal Physical Activity Measurably Boosts Health

October 12, 2020

Two research teams at UC San Diego School of Medicine sought to understand sedentary lifestyles, with one study finding that even light physical activity, including just standing, can benefit health, and the other that Americans are sitting too much.

Five UC San Diego Experts Elected AAAS Fellows in 2020

November 24, 2020

American Association for the Advancement of Science honors the contributions of UC San Diego leaders in astrophysics, research advocacy, organic chemistry, psychiatry and geophysics.

Supercomputers Simulate New Pathways for Potential RNA Virus Treatment

December 17, 2020

New simulations done on supercomputers may help researchers understand how these inhibitors react and potentially help to develop a new generation of drugs to target viruses with high death rates including SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

This Robot Doesn’t Need Any Electronics

February 17, 2021

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have created a four-legged soft robot that doesn’t need any electronics to work. The robot only needs a constant source of pressurized air for all its functions, including its controls and locomotion systems.

Robot Heal Thyself

March 24, 2021

Researchers at the University of California San Diego reporting in Nano Letters have developed small, swimming robots that can magnetically heal themselves on-the-fly after breaking into two or three pieces.

The Wave Beneath Their Wings

April 22, 2021

Researchers at the University of California San Diego developed a theoretical model that describes how pelicans take advantage of wind updrafts generated by breaking waves to glide in a practice the scientists call wave-slope soaring.

Two Novel Biobanks Offer Investigatory Targets for Cocaine and Oxycodone Addiction

April 26, 2021

Researchers have created to novel biobanks of diverse tissues from animals to further explore the biological bases and consequences of addiction to cocaine and oxycodone.

Blanks for the Memory

May 6, 2021

UC San Diego researchers report that one kind of perceptual learning can occur in memory-impaired persons who do not actually remember what they learned.

Susan Bukata, MD, Named Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

May 6, 2021

Bukata is only the fourth woman in the U.S. to lead a health system’s orthopedic surgery department.

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