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UC San Diego Celebrates Fast-Acting Heroes

January 17, 2023

Lives were saved on campus, thanks to fast-acting heroes who were recognized and celebrated.

‘We Can Move to a Better Place,’ CHRO Terri Winbush Shares How She Hopes to Establish a New Culture

February 9, 2023

UC San Diego Today sat down with Chief Human Resources Officer Terri Winbush to talk about how she plans to use data, training and a constant feedback loop to establish a new culture at UC San Diego and beyond. “Instead of perpetuating what exists,” she says, “we can move to…

New Merkin Fellowship Program Expands Global Research Opportunities

April 13, 2023

A new fellowship program has been established at UC San Diego through the generous support of Richard Merkin, MD, making it possible for graduate students to collaborate across continents to advance translational medicine.

Introducing Speaker Emeritus and UC Regent John A. Pérez as All Campus Commencement Speaker

May 9, 2023

California Assembly Speaker Emeritus and University of California Regent John A. Pérez will deliver the keynote address at UC San Diego’s 2023 All Campus Commencement Ceremony at RIMAC Field on Saturday, June 17 at 9 a.m.

Entering Our ChatGPT Era

June 13, 2023

From the doctor’s office to the classroom, rapidly advancing generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT are already changing life at UC San Diego, leaving no discipline or specialty untouched.


November 2, 2023

Jesse Driscoll, co-author of Ukraine’s Unnamed War and professor of political science at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy, offers insight into the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Acclaimed Director Lisa Portes Named Chair of Theatre and Dance at UC San Diego

January 3, 2024

Lisa Portes recently joined UC San Diego to become chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance. A highly regarded Cuban American director, educator, advocate and leader, Portes’s aim is to promote a new theater narrative that expands our understanding of what it means to be human.

Olympian, Athletics and Campus Community Show UC Pride at Onward California

October 18, 2012

…perception, action and cognition. Energizer Coffee - UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Barbara professor Daniel Morse has led development of a biologically inspired nanostructured battery that promises high power, longevity and low cost. Citrus Grove - UC Riverside UC Riverside has roots as a Citrus Experiment Station and continues to…

Round-the-Clock Hackathon Helps Coders Make Connections, Develop ‘Crazy Ideas’

October 15, 2015

…working in technology just energizes me every single morning. The most amazing thing that comes out of hackathons is that ... you invent something new that has the potential to inspire people all around the world.” Ryan Hill, the student organizer of the event, praised the close-knit hackathon community and…

Q&A with Anna Gandolfi

June 13, 2011

…to the procession. It’s energizing for me to look forward to watching all the students walk during the processional. They are so excited and hopeful of the future. What are the actual commencement days like for you? Gandolfi: On the Saturday and Sunday commencement days, there are four ceremonies each…

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