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Algeon Materials Embraces the Power of Kelp

June 23, 2022

…Every day, I felt energized because there was a new mountain to climb. I spent the first eight years of my career experiencing what it took to take a business from pre-revenue to acquisition by a large public company. When I was looking at business schools, it was important to…

Invited by U.S. State Department, UC San Diego Researcher Engages Students, Public in South Africa

April 16, 2012

As fellow researchers from the University of California, San Diego were participating in the San Diego Science Festival last month, research scientist and Jacobs School of Engineering alumnus Albert Yu-Min Lin (‘08, ’06 and ’04) was exciting students and the public at a science festival more than 10,000 miles away…

UC San Diego Transnational Korean Studies Spotlights Diaspora with Two International Film Artists

February 8, 2017

The University of California San Diego’s Program in Transnational Korean Studies will continue its Korean diaspora film series by offering audiences a rare opportunity to meet two award-winning film artists, Jane Jin Kaisen from Denmark (Feb. 9-10) and Heung-Soon Im from South Korea (Feb. 21-22). Highlighting the hidden stories of…

Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make me a Match

March 13, 2018

Each year, at precisely the same moment — 12 p.m. on the East coast, 9 a.m. on the West — thousands of graduating medical school students across the country simultaneously tear open an envelope. The single sheet of paper inside informs each graduate where he or she will do their…

With a $50 Million Gift, USC and UC San Diego Join Forces in Alzheimer’s Research

January 24, 2022

A joint gift to the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California San Diego totaling $50 million from the Epstein Family Foundation will drive Alzheimer’s research and accelerate the search for treatments and a cure.

Ambitious New Environmental Challenge Aims to Rewild 40 Globally Significant Island Ecosystems from

April 14, 2022

As island communities around the world suffer some of the worst effects of biodiversity loss and climate change, there is a critical need for conservation efforts that strategically benefit both islands and their interconnected ocean ecosystems.

CRISPR Technology Improves Huntington’s Disease Symptoms in Models

December 12, 2022

Using models, researchers at UC San Diego School of Medicine, with colleagues elsewhere, describe using RNA-targeting CRISPR/Cas13d technology to develop a new therapeutic strategy that specifically eliminates toxic RNA that causes Huntington’s Disease.

UC San Diego Celebrates Fast-Acting Heroes

January 17, 2023

Lives were saved on campus, thanks to fast-acting heroes who were recognized and celebrated.

‘We Can Move to a Better Place,’ CHRO Terri Winbush Shares How She Hopes to Establish a New Culture

February 9, 2023

UC San Diego Today sat down with Chief Human Resources Officer Terri Winbush to talk about how she plans to use data, training and a constant feedback loop to establish a new culture at UC San Diego and beyond. “Instead of perpetuating what exists,” she says, “we can move to…

New Merkin Fellowship Program Expands Global Research Opportunities

April 13, 2023

A new fellowship program has been established at UC San Diego through the generous support of Richard Merkin, MD, making it possible for graduate students to collaborate across continents to advance translational medicine.

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