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$18.5 Million Alumni Gift Lifts UC San Diego’s Computer Science & Engineering into New Era

June 6, 2013

…society’s pressing problems–ranging from energy and environmental sustainability, to security, democracy and healthcare. At the same time, cutting-edge computer science and engineering research continues to drive advances in knowledge across these wide-ranging domains and beyond. Computer Science Changing, Surging Ahead This gift comes at a time of tremendous growth in…

Meet Your New Student Government Leaders

October 10, 2022

For Sky Yang and Giulia Corno, getting involved with student government seemed like a great way to make a difference. Now, as the presidents of Associated Students and the Graduate & Professional Student Association, respectively, they share what they hope to accomplish this year.

Local Cures for the Climate Crisis

October 22, 2020

…instructors could tap students’ energy and drive to reach out and connect through internships with youth in communities struggling with the health impacts of climate change. Another may be to reach out to local doctors, said Al-Delaimy. Health care and climate have only recently become intertwined in the minds of…

UC San Diego Undergraduate Synthesizes Visual Arts, Community Engagement and Scientific Research

February 1, 2018

…create a reusable emergency energy source that will power respiratory medical devices during power shutoffs.” Citrus fruits as low-cost biosensors In keeping with her passion for social justice, Ullah heard about a study done by San Diego State University on air quality in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…

Women Who Mean Business

July 2, 2020

…a former Secretary of Energy on their advisory board and have raised $14 million in seed funding. Muller is a female founder and CEO in multiple male-dominated fields (drilling, nuclear and clean tech) but points out the positives, such as her voice being recognizable on teleconferences and that people tend…

What Kind of La Niña Year Is This?

February 9, 2017

…left too much residual energy in its wake for La Niña to fully emerge. Also, though La Niña years are drier on average, there are still plenty of examples in the historical record in which La Niña years saw greater-than-average precipitation in California, he said. The unpredictability ultimately has its…

Breastfeeding Research Improves Lives and Advances Health, But Faces Conflicts

February 11, 2021

…often detract from the energy and resources that breastfeeding advocates, researchers, health professionals and policy-makers could be using to advance their shared goal of supporting maternal and child health. What can be done Of course, members of the diverse breastfeeding advocacy and research communities will not always agree—but we should…

Burbidge Visiting Professor Uses Physics of Mayonnaise to Develop Electronic Skin

February 27, 2020

…discover if this added energy, coming from active matter, allows the weak gel to flow more easily, making it possible to self-heal after fracture, a phenomenon speculated to be important in the recovery of tissue wounds. “So far, I have found the results from our collaboration very promising, and we…

DARPA Forward National Convention Launched Sixth New Initiative at UC San Diego

January 10, 2023

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hosted the grand finale of its first-ever national conference series at UC San Diego in December. UC San Diego was the last stop and the largest conference attracting 900 attendees in-person and virtually. 

First-Ever Innovation Day at Petco Park Showcases Diversity of UC San Diego’s Innovation Workforce

May 5, 2022

…fight brain damage Sonocharge Energy, Inc., making Li batteries stronger, safer and more efficient Sononeu, pioneering sonogenetics, a noninvasive neuromodulation technique using ultrasound UNIGRID, LLC, making solid-state batteries accessible for consumers to use in their homes VisiCELL Medicinal Inc., providing non-invasive, imaging-based cell tracking solutions, or “GPS for cell therapy”…

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