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DARPA Forward National Convention Launched Sixth New Initiative at UC San Diego

January 10, 2023

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency hosted the grand finale of its first-ever national conference series at UC San Diego in December. UC San Diego was the last stop and the largest conference attracting 900 attendees in-person and virtually. 

9,000 New Students Arrive to an Evolving Campus

October 3, 2019

…to advance critical health, energy, autonomy and security challenges facing society. With the various construction projects underway, the campus has launched a “watch where you walk campaign” to help pedestrians navigate around impacted areas on campus. The campaign is one of several initiatives Transportation Services is rolling out this fall…

Making Mental Health Priority No. 1 in the Month of May

May 7, 2020

…we can heal, get energized and find hope in what may be “an ultra-marathon?” Here are some tips from Juarez and Green. Maintain a daily routine “It is vital that we establish and maintain a daily routine that would bring rhythm and a sense of normalcy to our lives,” Juarez…

Nobel Laureate, Pioneer in Atmospheric Chemistry Mario Molina Dies

October 9, 2020

Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awardee and Distinguished Professor Mario Molina will be remembered for dedicating his life to research and working to protect our environment.

2018 Revelle Medal Recipients Announced

October 11, 2018

…in materials science, solar energy conversion and environmental chemistry. Before her appointment as UC San Diego’s chancellor, Fox served as chancellor at North Carolina State University, and vice president for Research at the University of Texas at Austin. In October 2010, President Barack Obama awarded Fox the National Medal of…

Historic Red Tide Event of 2020 Fueled by Plankton Super Swimmers

August 29, 2023

A new study led by scientists at UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Jacobs School of Engineering has pinpointed how a dinoflagellate plankton species created the major red tide event off Southern California in 2020.

UC San Diego Opens the Design and Innovation Building

November 18, 2021

…showcase for the dynamic energy of UC San Diego,” said Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla. “The building is designed to gather faculty and students across disciplines, engage our staff and visitors, forge connections with industry and fully embrace the process of invention, from start to finish.” Enhancing experiential learning The Design…

Simple Math Sheds New Light on a Long-Studied Biological Process

August 7, 2013

One of the most basic and intensively studied processes in biology—one which has been detailed in biology textbooks for decades—has gained a new level of understanding, thanks to the application of simple math to a problem that scientists never before thought could benefit from mathematics.

UC San Diego Students Demonstrate Smart Camera Trap at New Engineering Competition

May 1, 2012

Forget about building a better mouse trap. University of California, San Diego sophomore Riley Yeakle and his teammates have come up with a better camera trap, and they will be facing off with finalists from around the country when they unveil working prototypes of their visions for embedded systems at…

UC San Diego Veteran Community Members Celebrated for their Service

November 12, 2021

…our economic, social, and food-water-energy-waste systems, and re-envisioning our infrastructure to create sustainable solutions to everyday problems and bring solidarity to all people. Q. How does it feel to be awarded Student Veteran of the Year? I’m extremely grateful for this recognition of my passion for environmental and social justice.…

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