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SDSC Announces Scalable, High-Performance Data Storage Cloud

September 22, 2011

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, today announced the launch of what is believed to be the largest academic-based cloud storage system in the U.S., specifically designed for researchers, students, academics, and industry users who require stable, secure, and cost-effective storage and sharing…

Celebrating 20 Years of Sally Ride Science

February 18, 2021

…and we drew our energy and encouragement from them,” Ride said. Over the years, Sally Ride Science created acclaimed STEM programs that reached students and educators across the country. Assessing the company’s impact, O’Shaughnessy said, “Those programs, along with Sally’s high-profile advocacy of diversity in STEM, helped kickstart the national…

Friedmann Recognized for Pioneering Gene Therapy Research

January 29, 2015

…the “field of resources, energy and social infrastructure” for his contributions to river basin management and reducing water-related disasters. Each laureate will receive a certificate of recognition and commemorative gold medal. A cash award of approximately $416,600 will also be given to each prize field. Since its inception in 1985,…

To the Stars, Tritons

June 16, 2022

…of plastics, utilize clean energy, minimize food waste…and most importantly, make our democracy work. Exercise your right to vote and elect people that will propel us forward in the right direction.” Before blasting off to space, Meir was like many other typical Tritons, floating in the Pacific waters off the…

Five UC San Diego Professors Elected to National Academy of Sciences

April 28, 2020

UC San Diego faculty members Dmitri Basov, Lawrence Goldstein, Terence Hwa, Clifford Kubiak, and Kimberly Prather were elected as members of the National Academy of Sciences Monday “in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.”

Q&A with Carlos Coimbra

February 14, 2012

…and graduate school. That energy was contagious, and I still think very highly of the whole experience (which started about 10 years ago). When I moved to Merced, the problems to be solved were different—we needed to deliver an undergraduate program and create a graduate program, but we had no…

Experiment in Progress

May 1, 2023

From Blacktronika to ocean sounds to gender-coded sound structures, experimental musicians and faculty like King Britt, Amy Cimini, and Lei Liang continue to redefine the Department of Music. Also features Rand Steiger.

UC San Diego Faculty Unite to Master Remote Instruction

May 28, 2020

…difficult to replicate the energy and immediacy of in-person conversation, yet faculty and students are doing their best to adapt to connecting through a computer screen. Adrian Borsa, a research geophysicist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, expected class attendance to falter, but the opposite happened. In his introductory undergraduate course…

UC San Diego to Confer 8,085 Diplomas at 2013 Commencement Ceremonies

May 30, 2013

Celebrated speakers of the University of California, San Diego’s commencement series, including comedian Lewis Black, San Diego City Council member Sherri Lightner, former White House doctor Connie Mariano and former president of the 10 campus University of California system Richard Atkinson, will give the keynote address to 7,860 graduating students…

Gaining Confidence and College Credits

September 19, 2023

This summer high school students gained access to college-level online courses that built their confidence and academic transcript through the new Discover UC San Diego program. Also, more than 700 incoming first year students took part in the 45th annual Summer Bridge to prepare for fall quarter.

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