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3D-Printed ‘Living Material’ Could Clean Up Contaminated Water

September 5, 2023

A “living material,” made of a natural polymer combined with genetically engineered bacteria, could offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to clean pollutants from water.

Engineers 3D-print a New Lifelike Liver Tissue for Drug Screening

February 8, 2016

A team led by engineers at the University of California, San Diego has 3D-printed a tissue that closely mimics the human liver’s sophisticated structure and function. The new model could be used for patient-specific drug screening and disease modeling. Researchers said the advance could help pharmaceutical companies save time and…

Soft, Living Materials Made With Algae Glow Under Stress

October 23, 2023

Researchers have developed soft yet durable 3D-printed materials that glow in response to mechanical stress, such as compression, stretching or twisting. The materials derive their luminescence from single-celled algae known as dinoflagellates, which are embedded within the materials.

$21 Million Gift to UC San Diego Honors Unique Efforts to Link Chemical and Nano Engineering More Strongly

May 21, 2024

A $21M gift from Aiiso Yufeng Li (Jeff) and his wife, DongDong Li (Doreen), honors unique efforts at UC San Diego to link chemical and nano engineering more strongly. In recognition of this gift, the department will be named the Aiiso Yufeng Li Family Department of Chemical and Nano Engineering.

Growing Strained Crystals Could Improve Performance of Perovskite Electronics

January 9, 2020

A new method could enable researchers to build more efficient, longer lasting perovskite solar cells and LEDs. By growing thin perovskite films on different substrates, UC San Diego engineers invented a way of fabricating perovskite single crystals with precisely deformed, or strained, structures.

Smart, Self-healing Hydrogels Open Far-reaching Possibilities in Medicine, Engineering

March 5, 2012

University of California, San Diego bioengineers have developed a self-healing hydrogel that binds in seconds, as easily as Velcro, and forms a bond strong enough to withstand repeated stretching.

UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering Faculty Elected to National Academy of Engineering

February 9, 2012

…of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Peter C. Farrell, founder, chairman and CEO of ResMed, and a member of the Council of Advisors of the Dean of the Jacobs School, also…

UC San Diego Engineering Professor Olivia Graeve Named One of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico

July 6, 2017

UC San Diego Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering professor Olivia Graeve has been named one of the “100 mujeres más poderosas de México” – one of the 100 most powerful women in Mexico, according to a Forbes 2017 ranking.

Engineers Find Inspiration for New Materials in Piranha-proof Armor

February 8, 2012

It’s a matchup worthy of a late-night cable movie: put a school of starving piranha and a 300-pound fish together, and who comes out the winner?

Light-Shrinking Material Lets Ordinary Microscope See in Super Resolution

June 1, 2021

UC San Diego engineers developed a technology that turns a conventional light microscope into what’s called a super-resolution microscope. It improves the microscope’s resolution (from 200 nm to 40 nm) so that it can be used to directly observe finer structures and details in living cells.

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